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Sometimes it is difficult to find patriotism. Of course, when we are in a time of trouble everyone is "Proud to be an American" but other than those patriotic banners you sometimes see it is more difficult sometimes to find the American flag flying proudly unless it is on a government building!

That is not the case in Thibodaux, LA especially during the July 4th ceremonies associated with the "Veterans Let Freedom Ring Festival" held every year. Peltier Park is the site where the events start with a free breakfast prepared by Veterans and those who care about Veterans and served with a cheerful, friendly attitude. The food is great and the atmosphere can only be described as patriotic.

The parade of Veterans was then followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag led by Mayor Tommy Eschete. The Invocation by Ambrose Aysinne and National Anthem sung by Hank Boudreaux followed.

There was a 21-gun salute and National Commander Peter Forbes was honored to be asked to participate. A release of doves by Leland Hoffman closed out that part of the ceremonies.

What followed was a fun-filled day filled with music provided by local groups. As always Pat Smith showed us how it was done! It was great to see David and Barbara Knight and spend time with Gene Richard. Next year Peter will be cooking with Gene's crew.

The heat was oppressive and as usual there were some rain showers but even that did not dampen the spirit of everyone out for a day of fun.

John and Sigrid Guillot prepared and served the food on behalf of the Post to all members, Veterans and their families throughout the day. A good job as always! Post Commander, Ivy Louviere made sure that everyone was taken care of and the other post members who helped to set up and clear up showed how working together can get the job done!

The next part of the events was an auction conducted by Gene Richard. Many unique items were displayed and we came away with a great bottle of local wine and an absolutely beautiful rocking chair made of cypress. Of course, because we were traveling we had to leave it in Louisiana for pickup at a later date.

The highlight of the day would have to have been the fireworks. It was a spectacular display and if you did not come away feeling a real sense of patriotism then there must just be something wrong with YOU.

During our visit Pat and Loy Smith provided us with their gracious hospitality once again with Gail and Leroy Chenier seeing to it that Rob's donuts showed up often at home and at the events!

If we were to thank individuals we would be sure to miss someone so let's just say you ALL did a great job and we look forward to next year!

Peter Forbes
Nancy Verespy

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    Setting up the tent.
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    The parade of Veterans.
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    There was a 21-gun salute and National Commander Peter Forbes was honored to be asked to participate.
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    David and Barbara Knight with Peter Forbes
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    Pat Smith showed us how it was done!
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    Gene Richard & Peter Forbes
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