Thank You for the Prayers for Duncan

Duncan & Taylor Forbes

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers for Duncan Forbes going through removal of a Brain Tumor on Friday the 4th of April.

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Grandpa and Grandson Dakota Forbes, Duncan’s Son in Uluru, Australia.

Duncan came through the operation as well as could be expected after 12 hours under the expert scalpel of Dr. Steven Santoreneos. Duncan is my 40 year old son and he is still under a coma to rest his brain, however they expect him to slowly come out of that coma over the next two days.

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Dad then Katherine my daughter, Duncan my son and his little girl Taylor at Uluru, Australia.

We have had some really anxious times and we Thank God and all of the 10,000 + prayers that have been said to support Duncan. The Support for Duncan has been amazing. Now we have to sit and wait for the Biopsy report and take it from there. That is just the smaller piece of the puzzle. He is alive and improving. His attitude was always positive, no fear and said he just needed to do what they asked of him and all would be good.

Peter J Forbes
U.S. National Commander
Veterans of the Vietnam War Inc. & The Veterans Coalition

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