“America” A land of caring and giving?

I have spent 20 +years Volunteering in the United States of America seeking a “Fair Go” for Veterans, providing Homeless Veterans a Second Chance and safe, drug and alcohol free transitional housing where Veterans can learn a trade and life skills in a respectful and dignified home. We have many Veterans Service Officers throughout the U.S who again volunteer their time to provide services to Veterans in an attempt to fight for Veteran’s Compensation, yes, fight and it is very seldom that the VA will support applications even if it comes with all that is needed. This compensation is already earned, promised and is the right thing to do. Even Veterans coming home with limbs missing have to wait in line.

The United States of America has 300,000 + Homeless Veterans and yet we have to beg or borrow to house, feed and care for them. The next generation of Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan will soon end up homeless, afflicted with substance abuse, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and other related maladies will be seeking help from Veterans Service Organizations like ours. Suicides have soared. It is just a matter of time, Remember: Not All Wounds Are Visible.

Each President and Veterans Affairs Secretary make statements that they are going to end Homelessness in Veterans within their term. None have achieved anything like it.

The VA funds 15,000+beds a year and when you take the figures of 300,000 + Homeless Veterans is there a math problem here or is this the DC Two Step? Most of the beds for Homeless Veterans in the United Veterans Beacon House Program are NOT funded by the VA. They are funded by Veterans and Donors. Where is the Government, The Veterans Affairs living up to their Promise, Responsibilities and their Common Decency?

Why am I writing this, I hear how the U.S Citizens of approximately 320 million are so giving and generous, yes to Dogs and Cats maybe, however, Veterans support is never very positive. Veterans are those you need when you go to war and you send the Patriots to fight the wars and forget them when they come home. Yes, we fundraise where the fundraiser gets 50% up front, then we have to take out postage, printing, caging etc. and we get the pittance that is left, this pittance is for Veterans. We write letters to Corporations and out of over 10,000 letters we would not receive more than .1% response, let alone a donation. Yes Wounded Warriors seek to provide support for a maximum of 46,000. Who looks after the other Millions? Wounded Warriors has the funds to Advertise on National Television, yet it was frowned upon just a few years ago.

I was just back in Australia with my son who was having Brain Surgery and I watched a program called “A Current Affair” where 3 boys had lost, first their father, then their mother and were about to lose their house. “A Current Affair” put out a story and request to help these three boys and within 24 hours they had, in the bank, donations of 1 million + dollars, plus what was promised but not lodged will bring it up to greater levels. “A Current Affair” had to ask people not to donate anymore. Yes a country or 25 million people and within 24 hours they donated into the bank for 3 boys over a million dollars.

Read the story below and click on the link to watch the video, take a few minutes to evaluate your Support For Veterans.

Video: A Current Affair viewers donate $1 million to orphaned Lawrence brothers Length: 1:16
Video: Orphaned teenage brothers face uphill battle Length: 9:54

I think that Americans have to look deep into their hearts and with the Government not living up to their responsibilities then the Citizens must dig deep to reduce these Disgraceful Numbers of Homeless Veterans. Yes, the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave and Land of Forgotten Veterans! There isn’t another country that treats its Veterans with such indignity. The Government keeps spending yet cuts the pensions and services to Veterans. We deny services to Veterans and let them die so VA workers can get bonuses. Public Servants should NEVER get a bonus for doing their job. They work for the citizens. Their benefits are much greater already than the private sector and they NEVER get Fired. Are there NO Morals, No Keep Our Promises or NO Caring for those that bore the Battle. They didn’t go there by themselves, they went to war and did the bidding of the Government, hence the citizens of the United States of America.

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