THUNE & NOEM deny assistance to Native American Veterans In NEED!

Provided NO support for South Dakota Transitional Housing projects for Native American Homeless Veterans.

Remember that when they ask for YOUR Vote to stay in office, keep their exhorbitant salary, benefits and not Care about those that voted them in.

We have requested assistance from them so many times over the last year that it has just been a great waste of time, postage and calls, Their people did sign for the Certified mail they received, so they cannot say they didn’t know about the situation. The VA is in turmoil and I have been informed by VA people that I have pissed off the Director of the VA Grant and Per Diem, Mr Jeffery Quarles so retribution no matter if it affects Veterans, it is being dished out. Shinseki is silent and has lost my respect and by all that is happening has lost most Veterans respect. The SD politicians, Thune and Noem are not up for election this go around so why worry now about Native American Homeless Veterans and their Transitional Housing. The Native American Veterans must be used to the discrimination and I am getting used to it as well. Didn’t know being an Australian Veteran was so distasteful to Americans and American Politicians and no matter how it comes it is counter productive and hurtful.  

We have invited both Thune and Noem to the United Veterans Beacon House in Promise, SD for Native American Male Veterans in need, however they have always declined the invitation just like they have declined to support and assist the United Veterans Beacon House in Promise and Parade, SD.

Remember this when they ask for your VOTE when they stand for re-election.

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the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: 1-2 2012 - View

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