#FOXNEWSBIAS When will Fox News have a whole cross section of Veterans instead of just the Younger Warriors. I am sure there are Veterans from Vietnam War whom there is 9 million and then Veterans from 1st Gulf War as Veterans from Africa, Kosovo, Middle East and the list goes on that have some great opinions, especially on the VA as they are a major portion of patients. The Veterans are either NOT Vietnam Veterans or they are Vietnam Veterans Fox Contributors. Several of the Veterans Organizations have written to Fox News asking them to highlight injustice against sections of the Veterans Population and there is NO Reply, NO Response and again they write and nothing is ever responded to. Even major stories about "307,000 Veterans died waiting for service at the VA" this story directly from the VA Inspector General was not covered or we could find it on their website and we never saw it on Fox News, Yet CNN covered it in a major way.

We understand Vietnam Veterans are still the Rejected and are seen by the public with Disdain, hell many Millions of Vietnam Veterans are still alive and doing for other Veterans. WHO are the Veterans that welcome home Our Younger Veterans? Who help Our Younger Veterans with their Claims and support? Who Houses the Younger Veterans in Veterans Transitional Houses? Vietnam Veterans. United Veterans Beacon Houses, house 500 Homeless Veterans a Day! Who has the most Experience with the Veterans Affairs: Vietnam Veterans. Who has been LIED to, DECEIVED, BLACKMAILED, DENIED SERVICE, DISRESPECTED, ALLOWED TO DIE UNDER THEIR CARE, ABUSED and the list goes on, more than any other Veterans? VIETNAM VETERANS! Fox News states they are Fair & Balanced, WE don't think so!

Veterans Should have skin in the game so to speak, Veterans Need a Veterans Oversight and Management Board of Volunteer Veterans to try and keep the VA on the straight & narrow. Does Fox News bring it forward to try and help Veterans against a Corrupt & Fraudulent Veterans Administration? NO RESPONSE

Veterans Fund of the United States along with Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc & The Veterans Coalition and VOLUNTEERS build a 13 & 15 bed Veterans Transitional Home for Male & Female Native American Veterans in SD. One is ready to open and ALL United Veterans Beacon Houses are Zero Tolerance for Drugs and Alcohol and the VA now wants us to take in active Drugs and Alcohol users which will destroy lives of those seeking and working on their second chance. The VA shuts the United Veterans Beacon House Promise, SD down and yes the VA States that it is the MODEL for ALL Veterans Transitional Homes in the United States. The VA are Blackmailing us as the United Veterans Beacon House in Promise SD has 13 empty Beds for the past 18 months. Does FOX News expose this even though they have been informed so many times. NO! NO! NO!

It must come from the TOP, I have to Question if Roger Ailes was a Anti Vietnam War Protestor or was Rupert Murdoch in Australia? Someone in the Top Echelon dislikes Veterans and especially Vietnam Veterans. FAIR & BALANCED??????? I Think NOT!

The Veteran Leader

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: November 2013 - View

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: 1-2 2012 - View

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