Veterans Fund of the United States in Synergy with Forbes America, Inc. Uses Licensed Protein Recovery Technology to Remedy Environmental Damage and Benefit War Veterans

(Originally published on PRWEB.com on September 23rd, 2015)

A state-of-the-art, closed-loop protein recovery technology has been developed by Barrie Doyle and licensed to Forbes America, Inc. in collaboration with the Veterans Fund of the United States to combat the seafood offal and bycatch dumping in Alaska, reduce ocean dead zones, and control the noxious carp infestation in Illinois waterways by transitioning, employing, and providing benefits for U.S. war veterans.    

Mr. Barrie Doyle, an expert in fluid, reagent, and desalination technologies, licensed to Forbes America, Inc., in conjunction with the Veterans Fund of the United States, has the pleasure of presenting the World’s First Truly Organic Fish Supplements extracted through a natural enzyme process that produces FPH Protein, Omega 3 Oil and Calcium. Through the collaborative efforts with Forbes America, Inc. and the Veterans Fund of the United States, a 10/50 ton-per-day production, packaging and distribution facility will be constructed in Illinois to process noxious carp and in Alaska to process seafood offal and bycatch.


This closed-loop technology is the first of its kind that continuously preserves the 26 Amino Acids normally destroyed in the rendering process, supplying a superior, EPA-approved product. The environmental benefits are multi-pronged: there is no smell, no effluent, no toxic stick water, no radiation or chemical residues, and no pathogens. The product uses low energy and increases brick levels. The supplements can be produced in low volume and high strength and are by far the most potent Certified Organic, Biodynamic, high grade food/pharmaceutical and/or liquid organic fertilizer made from carp, seafood offal, and bycatch.

Fish protein hydrolysate (FPH) processing produces hydrolysed or “pre-digested” proteins by utilizing accelerated enzymatic digestion that breaks down the long polypeptide chains of amino acids present in fish, making the protein extremely digestible. The highly digestible (90%+) protein hydrolysate, when fed to babies and patients in hospitals or when included in health food and performance diets, can be readily assimilated through the normal digestive system to improve growth, stimulate recuperative processes, and to provide an immediate source of nutrients (French National Institute of Agricultural Research study).

Peter J. Forbes, President of the Veterans Fund of the United States and Founder of Forbes America, Inc. states: “This is serious business. Ocean dead zones from offal dumping combined with increases in noxious carp are environmental catastrophes that can be remedied by veterans. The state-of-the-art protein recovery technology is a tri-fold initiative; it will be profitable, it will create stable careers and provide benefits for unemployed war veterans and reintegrate them into society, and it is environmentally conscious.”

Veterans will be employed in all facets of the protein recovery process including the Carp harvesting, transport and production of the Organic Protein (MicroNutrient), Omega Oil and Organic Calcium. The project is both health-conscious and environmentally-mindful while providing employment to United States veterans through facilities in Illinois and Alaska.

Peter Forbes emphasizes, “Veterans can make a difference!”

VFUS is seeking grants from environmental philanthropists, investors, and/or interested donors to be positive contributors to this environmental initiative and proud supporters of veterans. Please direct all inquiries to info(at)vfus(dot)us. Visit http://www.forbesamerica.com for more information.

About VFUS:

The Veterans Fund of the United States is a Not For Profit Organization 501(c)(3) that is principally set up to provide support for the Veterans of the Vietnam War, The Veterans Coalition, along with Veterans and their families. It will also provide economic and educational assistance through the United Veterans Beacon House (Transitional Housing) program. Activities will include but are not exclusive to, provisional and/or supportive employment counseling, skills and trade training. The Veterans Fund of the United States supports homeless Veterans, Veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Gulf War Syndrome, to name a few areas of concern. Visit http://www.vfus.us for more information.


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