We finished it  first!



Colonel De Somer and Corporal Scott Samson were the first people I approached about the Marathon and after thinking seriously about the proposal, moved full steam ahead to make it such a successful day.
The elements had shown their strength intermittently during the day as the relay teams pounded the beaches between the Light Houses at Point Lonsdale and Fort Queenscliff. The wind direct from the South 
Pole, rain pelting down horizontally and the high tide arriving at the same time as the last runners on the final leg of the Marathon all made it an exciting day. The sun did shine - occasionally!  Dressed in coats and jumpers we arrived at the base of the cold, old hill in Fort Queenscliff to take photos of the last hour of the
marathon and to be there to greet Colonel De Somers as he, one of the last runners for the day, made it back to base. 

Red, perspiring faces, sweaty T shirts and the occasional blood nose could not hide the huge grins on the faces of those who had taken part in this event. Our thanks go to Colonel De Somer, Captain Priestley,
who is Staff Officer to the C.O. and W/O 2 Meg Moir. Special thanks must go to Corporal Scott Samson, who also did a couple of legs and W/O 1 Heather McKinley both kept the teams running efficiently along
with Private Jason Errington, the transport driver. During their turn to run, a group of Infantry soldiers insisted on  their Regiments theme song being played loud and long as they ran up and down on those sandy beaches.  Private Ezara Hawlell who has been in the army four years next month knew she ran for a purpose - to help support those in Baghdad. She had spent most of the day organizing drinks for the runners but had 
run the last leg herself; she had become so enthusiastic in her endeavors that she left four other members of her team way behind her.

These people from the Soldier Career Management base at Victoria's historical Fort Queenscliff had drummed up interest in the business of the town and were given goods to auction at the end of the run to 
raise further money for Support Parcels for the troops serving overseas.  Trevor Cole from Tuckers Funerals, Pastor Tim Edwards from Bayside Christian Church, Arthur Sofos from Ocan Air Logistics, Kevin Paisley Eyewear, Foggs Mitre 10 and last but certainly not least Carlton United Brewery were all major sponsors. That does not include the little old lady living on a pension who, when hearing what was happening, dived into her purse and gave $5 or the teenagers and parents donating a gold coin for every game of Ten Pin Bowls played. Of course, a great tribute must be paid to those who not only ran in the marathon, but also participated in the auction afterwards.  Well done everyone!!! As I watch people like yourselves, my heart swells with pride at out Defence Force Personnel. I only wish those  who make life so hard for you all, could witness what I witness. 

Stand Tall and be proud - YOU ARE AUSSIES.

God bless
Carla Evans, Chaplain VVNW                                                                                            BACK



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