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Peter Forbes
National Vice Commander

     I served in the Republic of South Vietnam with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment on their second tour during 1971 as a combat medic/stretcher bearer with Charlie Company, 7th Platoon. I was the Drum Major with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian, Pipes and Drums.

     After my Military Service, I had a highly successful career in the private sector including as a Corporate Manager for the largest armoured car corporation in the world. I have worked in such industries as Mining, Aquaculture and Transportation..

     During the middle 80's, while in the U.S., I was searching for a Veterans Organization that had as its main direction the welfare of Veterans and their families and to embrace the brotherhood of all Veterans.

     Many Veterans organizations had started off with this agenda. However, due to many ego trips, personality clashes and power struggles the direction had changed to one of self-gratification and in many cases the seeking of public awards became the main direction.

     Just like so many Veterans, I too, had become disenchanted with these groups. Rather than just disappear into the woodwork, so to speak, I decided to become involved with the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc., a dedicated Veterans brotherhood organization.

     After being a Life Member-at-large for several years, I sought direction from the National Office of the Veterans of the Vietnam War as to how to go about introducing the VVnW, Inc. into Australia and in 1991 this took place. Armed with a great deal of paperwork I began the journey.

     The VVnW, Inc. AU has gone to extreme means to inform Veterans of their entitlements, to assist them and to make representation to the authorities on their behalf. We have tried to bring self-esteem, pride, fitness and strength through unity during the last twelve years of the VVnW, Inc. AU through many projects.

     We are members of and have worked with the Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition to bring the Coalition to Australia. The Coalition helps to ensure strength through unity which can only be achieved through a firm and strong base to provide welfare and entitlements to all Veterans. When we stand together in and for the betterment of Brotherhood we will ensure better treatment of the entire brotherhood.

     The VVnW, Inc. AU instigated and manages the Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day Celebrations on the closest Sunday to the 18th of August each year. This celebration includes such things as a street march, memorial service, a family picnic day and concert operated throughout the day under the NVGWV Coalition banner and we seek all Veterans groups to participate.

     The VVnW, Inc. AU put forward a proposal and gained a grant to start the VVnW, Inc. Veterans Rowing Club, the first of its kind in the world. We are now members of the U.S. Masters Rowing Association and will continue to work to increase the positive attributes that have come from this initiative. The VVnW, Inc. Veterans Rowing Club sponsored a very successful SARA Regatta at Westlakes in 1999.

     The Veterans Assisting the Community and Environment projects like the Waterways Rehabilitation project (that you can read about in the Veteran Leader and website) are projects that ensure awareness of the Veterans and promotes their being part of and interested in the Community. This particular project focuses on the Veterans giving back to the community in the way of rehabilitating the River Torrens and waterways throughout Australia. We have trailed an Enviro-Trap Drum net in the River Torrens and other wetlands for over an18 months period and this proved that we could remove European Carp without any losses of air breathing animals.

     The VVnW, Inc. AU along with the VVnW, Inc. International Head Office have made representation through U.S. Congressman Paul Kanjorski for a treaty between Australia and the United States for reciprocal health treatment for United States and Australian Veterans living in or traveling within each country.

     Other projects include the Anzac Gunfire Breakfast operated in conjunction with the military after the Dawn Service on the Anzac Day Morning on the 25th of April each year; the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition and ANZAC Cabarets held throughout the year to promote brotherhood and to bring together the greater community and the Veterans. This has been disrupted due to SA Government's inability to provide authority for the booking we made in 2000 for the Torrens Parade Ground site through 2005.

     We found a need within the Veteran Community throughout Australia where indigent Veterans were being buried as paupers. To guarantee that Veterans would receive a respectful, military-style burial at no cost we established, along with Blackwell Funerals, the Veterans Burial Trust Fund. This fund has now buried Australian and American Veterans and laid them to rest with due respect.

     I have volunteered at VVnW International Headquarters for over five years; Advisor to the VVnW National Board of Directors; National Convention Coordinator; Member, National Membership Committee; Member, Veterans Fund of the U.S.; Director of the Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition for the past three years and a Board member in 2002-3; been instrumental in programs which involve membership, homeless veterans food drives, flag awareness, public relations, promotional/informational travel, military support packages, Supporting Our Veterans in the War Against Terrorism Project.

     I am 100% DVA war service connected for PTSD plus other conditions. However, this has not stopped me from giving a great deal back although coping with these conditions can be difficult. It hasn't stopped me from being useful and productive.

     If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

     I am honored to be part of the VVnW Board and I take my responsibilities as the US National Vice Commander seriously.

Yours In Brotherhood.
Peter J. Forbes
US National Vice Commander/Australian Commander


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"An organization succeeds, not because it is long-established,
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