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PA-35, York County, PA reports that there are changes at their post home – a new road sign. This new aluminum sign was made and donated to Post PA-35 by Craig Deist of Panographs Co.  It is 44 inches high and is colored white, blue and red.  It is mounted and displayed at the driveway entrance to the post. The Post feels sure that people will be able to find the Post without a problem now. If any other Post would like to have a sign like this please notify Robert Humble Sr. at Post 35, P.O. Box 115, Red Lion Pa. 17356.  It makes a great attention getter for your Post. 

            The Tribute to America’s Veterans CD fundraiser raised $550 for the Veterans at the Lebanon VAMC.  Pictured is DJ “Hitman” (Leo Lowe, Jr.) as he presents the check to Kathy Trostle of the Lebanon VA.  Also pictured in the back row, left to right:  Lori Kiser, Charles Althoff, Bill Dietz, Jr., Paul Kiser and Carrie Page all from Post PA-35, York County, PA.  Picture was taken by Judy Althoff.

            Not present are members of American Legion Post 372 Columbia, PA; AMVETS Department of PA and AMVETS Post 153, Columbia, PA who helped with this project.

            If any post would like to see these great CDs, please contact Post PA-35, P.O. Box 115, Red Lion, PA  17356.









Post PA-35 members recently made a donation of money to the York County, PA local soup kitchen “Our Daily Bread.”  Members from the left are Mike Depew, Bonnie Carbaugh, Director of our Daily Bread, Paula and Post Charity Chairperson, Lori Kiser.

 Members of Post PA-35 attended the funeral and acted as the Honor Guard for a veteran who was a close friend to a member of Post PA-35.  Those attending were from the left:  post member Rick Spangler; brother of the deceased, Steve Yohe; member Mike Depew; member Paul Stover and the sister of the deceased Navy Lt. Pamela Keller of Long Beach, CA.  Members who attended but are not in the photo included Paul Kiser, Bob Frederick, Gordie Dunn and Christine Behler.










Michael Breighner, National Board Member conducted the Installation of New Officers for Post PA-35.  Shown from the left are:  Mike Depew, Mike Baker, Gerald Teitsworth, Walt Boyer, and Michael Breighner.  Walt Boyer was elected to the position of Post Commander.



 By: Jerry Alan Foster

            A long awaited day for the town of Woodbridge, Virginia and its newest members, as National Commander Peter Forbes conducted the ceremony making post VA-06 an official post of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition and issued VA-06 its charter, on May 6th, 2006.  Although there are now more members, the original charter certificate contains twenty-seven names. Officers were sworn in by Peter, followed by a speech by the National Commander giving words of encouragement and wishing VA-06 much success.

            Shown from the left:  Lawrence Collins, VVnW & The Veterans Coalition National Board Member and Virginia State Coordinator; Peter J. Forbes, VVnW & The Veterans Coalition National Commander; Helen Campbell, Post VA-06 Commander; Margaret Steele, Post VA-06 Vice Commander;  Nancy Verespy, VVnW & The Veterans Coalition Executive Director; Dianne Bekele, Post VA-06 Secretary;  Russ Wittman, Post VA-06 Master Sgt-at-Arms and Chesley Doctor, Post VA-06 Treasurer. 

Post Commander Helen Campbell being presented the Post Charter by National Commander Peter Forbes.



From the left:  Co-Editor and Photographer, Jerry Foster; National Commander Peter Forbes and Editor Robert Funches




The timing was quite uncanny for post VA-06 as Memorial Day was right around the corner.   May 20th launched the post’s first fundraiser at Giant Food on Route 1, located in Woodbridge, Virginia.   Without any solicitation needed, members set up a table displaying various VVnW logos and the members of the community approached our table offering both generous donations and words of encouragement thanking all of us for our service and sacrifices that we made. Post VA-06 would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Giant Food’s general manager, George Evans for the use of his store front. On a final note I’d like to thank all members and junior members that assisted with this successful fund raiser.










 Junior supporters:  from the left: 
Sabrina Campbell, Gloria Rodriquez and Ravel Williamson








Fund-raising squad (left to right) Jerry Foster, MT Jones, Russ Wittman, Helen Campbell and Karen King










            Recently the remains of Donald Hoskins, MIA in Vietnam in 1972 were returned.  There has been a plaque in his honor for many years at the Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Madison, IN that had been located by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Once the Post members made the discovery of the plaque they paid homage to their lost and fallen brother on Memorial Day.  His brother Owen (a US Army helicopter pilot) joined the members for the gathering.  Plans are underway for the final internment of Donald in the Columbarium for remains that is just behind the spot where the picture was taken.  Shown in the photos are the plaque and members as they visited the cemetery.  In the front row from the left are:  George Schirmer, Herb Nolan, Dick Jones, and Nick Schultz.  Behind Jones in the middle is Owen Hoskins, brother of Donald.  In the back row are:  Larry Jones, Leon Perry, Alan Campbell, Tom Ringwald and Charlie Stiver.


    Whenever the opportunity presents itself, Sonny Alvarez, his wife Barbara and various other members of Post WA-12 do all they can to bring about awareness of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition.  These photos, taken during a recent event, highlight the ways the post provides information to veterans and their families.














WC Petty’s POW/MIA Mustang Sonny Alvarez with his information display.








WWII, Korea, and Vietnam who recently  passed away.     Opening ceremonies








   Thomas Northrop reports that this incarcerated post is doing well.  They have had their fourth packing day with Operation MOMS for the troops deployed.  They love to do these care packages.  They have also sent 100 - 75 minute phone cards to Ramstein in Germany for the wounded soldiers.  They have a yearly $1500 scholarship program for the child of a veteran which is into its second decade.  Incarcerated … yet very viable!


            The post home of Post IN-01 of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition in New Albany, IN is currently closed and the liquor license has been suspended.  This situation has been caused purely by the actions and lack of responsibility by the Post Officers and Post Members.  The Post Charter was suspended because of illegal activities and activities contrary to the Post Operating Procedures and contrary to the bar rules.  The Post will be re-established once the investigation has been completed, charges filed and actions taken on nominations of officers and an election will be held.  Once this is all accomplished, the Post will be re-established and the post home reopened. The Post will be reopened under a supervised scheme of arrangement.


            During our recent participation in the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia we were assisted by a man by the name of Sam Allen.  During the time we spent together we learned of the exceptional history of Mr. Allen who is a proud member of Post VA-05 in Norfolk, VA.  Sam assisted with the organi-zation’s display in Virginia Beach and we wanted to share with you his story. 



            If there were such a thing as a “barnstorming player” instead of barnstorming teams, Sam Allen would easily fit the bill.  At one time or another, Allen played for several of Norfolk’s semi-pro baseball teams such as the West End Giants, Norfolk Eagles, Battling Palms, South Norfolk Aces and Norfolk Tigers.  Sam Allen will be remembered most for his career with The Negro Baseball Leagues:  The Kansas City Monarchs in 1957, the Raleigh Tigers in 1958 and the Memphis Red Sox in 1959. 

According to his contemporaries and local fans, Allen was an athlete who possessed considerable natural ability and instinct.

            Born on April 25, 1936 Sam Allen was raised by his mother and grandfather in the community of Lindenwood in Norfolk, Virginia.  During a time when baseball was still American’s favorite passion, Allen played as often as he could along with life-long  friend Walt Lundy, also a Hampton Roads African-American Sports Hall of Fame inductee.  At Booker T. Washington High School, Sam played running back on the football team and as an outfielder on the baseball team.  Even now, he still holds the school’s single game scoring record with six touchdowns and four extra points set during a game against archrival Crestwood High School.

            “During the time we were playing, people did not have television sets, so everyone went to baseball games,” said Allen.  “People looked forward to those games, especially on Sundays.  A lot of times they would come and watch us right after church; many of them would still be dressed in their church attire.”

            “It was a lot of fun.  You didn’t make a lot of money, but we’d have a great time once we hit the field,” said Allen.

            “The more games you played the more money you would make, and we would play as many games as we could.  Typically, you would play single games Monday through Thursday and double-headers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”           

            Sam Allen – we’re proud to have you as a member.



       Once again this year teachers and students at the Christa McAuliffe School in Jackson, New Jersey displayed their pride in all things “veteran” in recognition of Veterans Day.  The school has a “Wall of Heroes that shows personal stories about family members and friends who have served or are currently serving in the military. 

       The Principal, Kevin DiEugenio, and teachers Linda Dougherty and Nancy Dellosso wholeheartedly encourage their students to let veterans know of their pride in them.  There are special Run for Vets t-shirts, a one mile run, a one mile walk and a one mile relay all conducted after school hours for the students, teachers, parents and interested individuals. Many of the school’s teachers and staff pitch in to help. What a great accomplishment for everyone involved.

       Shown in the first photo from the left are:  Loy Smith, Marty Neff, NJ-03 Education Committee Chairman and Past Commander , Linda Dougherty, teacher, Rick Brody, Commander, Post NJ-03 and Peter Forbes, National Commander. Also participating in the event (not shown) were NJ-03 member s Joseph Esposito helping to man the tent, and Lt. Colonel Angelo Capolupo, NJ Army National Guard who ran the one-mile event. 




                Post IN-01 is well on its way to becoming re-established and is refocused on providing services to veterans and their families.  They have been involved in Support Our Troops activities, have supported the Katrina Relief Fund and participated in community activities bringing awareness to the issues and programs of the organization.

                Shown in the photo at the Post Home from right to left following the recent installation of Post Officers are:  Peter Forbes, National Commander; Billy Page, Post Commander; Larry Wells, Vice Commander; Steve Scott, Chaplain; Joe Schindler, Sgt-at-Arms and Lee Ann Timberlake, Secretary.  The post provided an excellent meal and the festivities were followed by a question and answer period.


                As most of you know the Gulf Coast was hit by Hurricane Katrina in August and Hurricane Rita in September.  Pat and I were among the lucky ones that were spared the horrible devastation that affected thousands and thousands of people in our area.  We do have family and friends that were not so lucky.

                I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your prayers and support.  A special thanks goes out to Peter Forbes, National Commander and Mike Breighner, National Master Sgt-at-Arms, for making a very long and difficult trip to bring 3 ½ tons of water and other supplies to the Louisiana evacuees.  VVnW & The Veterans Coalition are people who truly case.  This has been a very difficult time for us, our family and friends, but just knowing that you are out there makes a difference.

                Our Post LA-04 in Thibodaux, decided to try to do something for the evacuees that might help take their minds off of what was going on around them.  Johnnie Guillot, our Vice Commander, came up with the idea of bingo.  Each week we hosted Bingo at the Nicholls State University shelter.  It was a huge success.  We gave out prizes of personal items that were needed by those who have been displaced.

                Our Post would like to welcome home Bobby Bergeron.  He just returned safely from Iraq.  Let’s pray that all of our guys and gals return soon.

                Now I would like to ask the members of the VVnW & The Veterans Coalition to step up to the plate and stand with our National Commander, National Executive Director and the National Board Members and give them the support that is needed to make this organization the best it can be.  There is a small group of individuals that are working constantly to destroy the core of our organization.  Don’t let this happen – pick up the phone or e-mail National today and ask what you can do to help.  Don’t forget we are “People Who Care”.

    Loy Smith
    National Board Member
    Commander, Post LA-04



             Post NY-01, Brooklyn, NY reports that they lost one of their finest members recently, Herbert Robinson.  Herb was a true measure of our manhood.  He was selfless, profound, creative and supportive of the Post and all its members.  He will be deeply missed by all who were fortunate enough to have made his acquaintance.  To his wife and family, may God bless you forever and always.



                Seven-year-old David Wooditch, son of Mark and Vicky Wooditch, Windsor, PA, who is a second year Cub Scout with Pack 47 of Dallastown, PA and in the second grade at Canadochly Valley Elementary School, East Prospect, PA, collected food along with his fellow scouts for the York and Adams County Food Bank.

                Members of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition, Donald E.Henise Memorial, Post 35, York County, PA stepped up to help David by asking its members for food donations.  He sets a good example for all of us to follow.  Thank you, David, and keep up the good work.

                Shown in the photo is David with Post Commander, Gerald “Sput” Tietsworth.


     Michael Murphy, VVnW & The Veterans Coalition National Secretary recently installed new officers for Post PA-35, York, County, PA.  Shown in the photo from the left are:  Gerald Tietsworth, Walt Boyer and Michael Murphy.  Elections were recently conducted for the post and they are moving forward in a reorganization effort.

  • Welcome home VVnW NJ-03 member Major Angelo Capolupo





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"An organization succeeds, not because it is long-established,
but because there are people in it who live it, sleep it, dream it,
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