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We at the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. (VVnW) applaud and honor your service. VVnW Military Support Packages are one way of showing that we at the VVnW support your mission..

Just as we support you now, we understand, from personal experience, the need to support you in the future. Wed like to invite you to become a member of the VVnW and to continue to benefit from our organization.  As a current serving member of the military, your membership to the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. is FREE.  This FREE membership applies to all current serving Military, so pass this information on to your buddies and give them the chance to take advantage of this invitation to join a group of fellow veterans dedicated to your future. 

As a means of honoring your service and recognizing your becoming a member of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. we have designed a Global War on Terrorism Challenge Coin.  The coin is free to those who take advantage of the offer to join our team.  A Soldier who, like you, is currently deployed to the Middle East, designed the coin. He is also a member of the VVnW.  Dont let our name deter you our organization is comprised of veterans of all eras and all conflicts, not just Vietnam.  We are all part of the same brotherhood of Veterans seeking better for our own and our Families.

Simply complete the attached application and mail it with a copy of your military id to verify your service status.  Make sure to provide both your home address and your current deployed address so we can forward your coin and keep you informed.   Mail the application to:

Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.
805 So. Township Boulevard
Pittston, PA 18640-3327

    Join us.













Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.
International Headquarters
805 So. Township Boulevard
Pittston, PA 


"An organization succeeds, not because it is long-established,
but because there are people in it who live it, sleep it, dream it,
and build future plans for it."