Story from the Great Southwest

Greetings from  Arizona!

 Congratulations to all the runners who participated in the 24 Hour Run for the Troops.  My journey for this noble cause was the result of a simple e-mail and the persuasive and unwavering positive attitude of Maj. Marc Hoffmeister.

 Before this event I had run the Marine Corps Marathon to raise money for TAPS.  That experience changed my view of soldiers and their families forever.  Not having any family serving in the military I was moved by the dedication that our service men and women have for the future of our country.  Even in tragedy their conviction for service is indefatigable.

 The 24 Hour Run was a chance for some generous donors like Knight Transportation, The Roney family,  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bobo and  one runner to assist soldiers currently serving overseas.  I asked Maj. Hoffmeister if he were to advise a new recruit about life in the Army what would he tell them and his response was "Its an opportunity to touch the world and change the lives of those in need"  Selfless and moving words.  Completing this run by pushing my own physical limits to the edge and securing donations for VVNW is just one way we can thank people like Maj. Hoffmeister and Marine Lance Cpl. Michael J. Williams of Yuma Arizona.  Williams wrote of being a Marine "My weakness in life just might be my willingness to sacrifice my life for the good of this world we live in.  I have been given a chance to help people who have helped me, and also people I have never even met."  Williams was killed March 23rd in Nasiriyah by Iraqi soldiers who pretended to surrender then opened fire. 

To have passion and a vision is a gift.  To the veterans of the past, soldiers of the present and to the future men and women who will serve, you are our heroes.  Thank you for sharing you gift.


Jane Dolan  Runner # 16



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