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Support the Troops!

     The global war on terrorism has crossed international borders and touched us all.  Many of our soldiers have given the ultimate sacrifice or had their lives altered by injuries sustained in combat.  Military families have endured the fears and loneliness that accompany a soldierís deployment to combat.  In an effort to show our unified support for their sacrifice, the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. will sponsor a 24-hour Run for the Troops. Teams or individuals will challenge their own personal limits by running for a full 24-hour period.  Each runnerís effort will be symbolic of the hardships and sacrifices of soldiers combating terrorism throughout the world. The goals of this event are to:

1.  Raise money to support the Military Support Package program and other Veteran programs sponsored by the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. (www.vvnw.org)

2.  Demonstrate a global, unified front in support of our troops fighting the War on Terrorism by simultaneously conducting events in the US, Australia, UK, and Kuwait.  All coalition nations are invited to participate. Events are already being coordinated in Denver, Colorado, and at Camp Doha, Kuwait.

    Teams/Runners will collect pledges from February thru May.  Pledges are made in one of three ways:  1.  Per Mile, 2. Per Hour, or 3. General Donation.  Runners will attempt to run a full 24 hours either on a track or on a predetermined course.  All donations are fully tax deductible.  If you are interested in coordinating an event site, supporting an event, running either as a team or individual, or simply donating as a show of support, contact the event coordinator at [email protected] or go to the VVnW website (www.vvnw.org) after 1 January for details.  Event registration will begin 15 January 2004. 


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