McDonald’s - Seymour, Indiana “ANTI VETERAN”  -

Shame on you McDonalds!


We were traveling down as a backup vehicle on Highway 31 from Niles, Michigan to Louisville, Kentucky on a 10 marathons, in 10 day Run to bring awareness to the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. and The Veterans Coalition’s 2004 Run for the Troops with Marcus Dennis and SFC Bob Haines doing the Marathons each day.

We stopped at McDonald’s in Seymour, Indiana to grab some food. We had just sat down to eat our burgers when a couple of Veterans and their families came up to us asking what we were doing as the Van and trailer stood out pretty well in the McDonald’s parking lot.  We had just finished eating so we suggested that we would get some information from the Van and give it to them and they followed us out.  Bob continued to talk to the Veterans and their families while I went and got them some information.

I came back and gave the Veterans the information when the manager of the McDonald’s came out, told us that we cannot do that there and we were told we must leave immediately.  This person was very dogmatic and wasn’t interested even in an explanation or in what we were doing -  just that we needed to leave McDonald’s right now!   Her comments were “You cannot do this here”, “you must leave immediately”. What were we doing other than answering the questions posed by the public as Veterans are part of the public?

The two Veterans who we were talking to became upset and also left McDonald’s without eating there, the main reason for their stopping.

This Franchise should be boycotted for such unpatriotic and anti-Veterans behavior. Wherever  and whenever we are traveling in Indiana we will let people know the treatment Veterans received at the hands of McDonald’s in Indiana.

Remember this is the same Corporation that when we asked for their Support for the Military Support Package project by supplying us with a free burger voucher for each Military Support Package for the troops serving overseas, McDonald’s stated No Thanks!

Veterans and the public alike, let your voices be heard through the tills, that is the only way these Corporation will know unpatriotic action will not be tolerated. 




National Commander
Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & 
The Veterans Coalition