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Veteran Service Officer
Mission Statement / Job Description / Accreditation Requirements

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- - To provide quality advocacy for all US Veterans, Armed Forces members, their dependents and survivors, through benefit counseling and programs, claims, and outreach services.

- - To reach out to all Veterans Organizations, and veterans through traditional public relations, community involvement, and by initiation and implementation of activities that encourage them to access their rightfully earned entitlements and benefits.

- - To respond to the needs of all Veterans, armed forces members, their dependents and survivors, and to provide linkage for them to other support services.

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A. Advises and assists veterans or their beneficiaries in presenting claims for benefits under Federal, State or local laws.

B. Works in cooperation with the Department of Veterans Affairs, other governmental agencies, the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. National Headquarters and Department Service Officers.

C. Conducts telephonic communication and/or written correspondence with various Federal, State, County and City Governmental agencies concerning problems or questions on behalf of veterans or their beneficiaries.

D. Submits DVA claims to the appropriate DVA Regional Office. Other claims are submitted to the government agencies involved.

E. Have a complete working knowledge of DVA requirements concerning the processing of claims for all types of veterans benefits. Must be able to develop a knowledge, where required, to process claims for other governmental benefits.

1. Compensation: (i.e., claims; aggravation; presumptive service connection; rates, etc.)
2. Pension: (i.e., applications; aid and attendance; income restrictions; etc.)
3. Special Service-Connected Benefits: (i.e., automobile; housing; prosthetics, etc.)
4. Medical: (i.e., hospital eligibility categories; nursing home; domiciliary; outpatient; etc.
5. Education: (i.e., vocational rehabilitation; war orphans; dependents; etc.)
6. Life Insurance: (i.e., NSLI; government; conversions; loans; death applications, etc.)
7. Death Benefits: (i.e., widow's pension; DIC, burial; grave marker; National Cemetery; Insurance; burial squad; etc.)
8. GI Loans: (i.e., eligibility; financing; business, etc.)
9. Records: (i.e., Personnel Records Center, St. Louis; Hospital; Regional Office and office.)

F. Have a complete working knowledge of other agencies veterans benefits. VSO must be able to develop knowledge to process claims within the following areas: 1. Social Security (SSI) 2. Vet State Loans 3. County assessor (tax exemptions) 4. SDI (Job disability) 5. Employment Development Department Oobs for veterans) 6. SBA (business loans)

G. Must be familiar with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts, and DVA regulations concerning the release of claims information.


A. Quality: Claims should be processed in accordance with instructions.

B. Timeliness: Claims and all supporting documents should be prepared and submitted to the appropriate office within ten (10) working days of receipt of claim - this is the case unless two days prior to end of month, then claim shall be processed and date stamped by DVA.

C. Confidentiality: Be aware of the confidentiality requirements of the position. Information assistance should be appropriate to the needs of the receiving party as well as within the interests of the claimant while maintaining the claimant's privacy.

D. Public Contact: Contact with the public; employees of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.; other organizations; and officials at various levels of management must reflect communication skills, tact and patience.

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All applicants applying to the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc for Department of Veterans AffairsAccreditation as a Veterans Service Officer must meet the following requirements

1. The applicant must have a minimum of three (3) to five (5) years of verifiable experience working as a representative of another veterans organization or with a County Veterans Service Agency as a VSO

2. Applicant must have a letter of recommendation from the State Commander of the veterans organization or from the Director of the County Veterans ServiceAgency

3. Applicant must submit a complete resume for ten (10) years of employment history and should detail all involvement with other veterans organizations

4. Applicant must have been a member in good standing of the Veterans of the VietnamWar, Inc (VVnW) for a minimum of two (2) years

5. The applicant must successfully complete the VSO test before they are submitted forAccreditation as a Veterans Service Officer for the VVnW, Inc.

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