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Welcome to the wonderful world of IRC. IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat. It is a real time chat that everyone in the world has access to. Before you can enjoy this great past time of so many people out there, you must first get yourself an IRC client. An IRC client is a program that enables you to access the different servers that are out there so you can chat with others. You can make friends, hold bussiness meetings, or anything else you can think of on a chat server. So come and hang out in the virtual world of chat.

There are many different clients out there and weeding through them until you find one that you like can be very pains taking. I will list here the three that I have come across and have enjoyed using. If you have never before used an IRC client or have never even been on IRC, I hope this will help you out. Just remember the most important thing when you are learning something new..............


The three clients I have used are Pirch, Visual IRC, and mIRC. All are made to run in the windows environment. They are not listed in any specific order. I will also list some links to other sites that specialize in a specific client.

Pirch is a good client for those just starting out. It is easy to learn on and it is the only client that has a full featured media player. If you enjoy wav and midi, then this is the best one to use. You can run it the way it is or you can get addon features for it. There is an ascii text player for showing you ascii files to others on the same channel. There is an auto send/receive feature for getting all those sound files others play that you don't have. One thing to remember, if someone plays a sound file you don't already have in your client, you won't hear it.

Here are a few links to other site that are dedicated to the use of Pirch. Once you have the client, there are many places you can go to get help with it.

Koach's WorkShop - A good place for getting some addon features too

Rokman's Pirch Page - A good place for newbies to learn and get Roktech1.0

Budman's Pirch Page - Good help files and the best text player out there

Visual IRC is a real good client for those that are more experienced in using them. There are alot of good features on this client such as, voice and video. It is exetremely east to add anything you want to the client. The download comes with a file on the scripting language used for writing scripts for it. If you can dream it up and script it, you can add it. The view screens are well organized and everything you need are just a click of a button. There are add buttons for aliases, events, and the popup menus. Very easy to modify to your own personal tastes.

Here are the links for vIRC. If you are looking for something different in an IRC client, check this one out.

Magalith's vIRC Page (he's the one who wrote it) - Lots for links and a complete server list here.

Visual IRC Resource Guide - Good for everything. A real good section on free scripts, and even more links.

Autobahn's HomePage - Site is undergoing major construction right now. He is currently working on a media player script. Unknown as to the release date on it. Also author of the Autobahn Script. Very good all around script.

mIRC is another good client that runs using scripts that you can write. There are many already good scripts writen for this client. As for the features, I myself cannot say much. I have not had much time to play with this client. I ahve heard from many out there that it is a good client to use. I guess I'll let you be the judge of that.

There is only one link that I have for mIRC. I know that there are many out there. There are some from the one that follows. A good search on mIRC will turn up alot, I'm sure.

mIRC Homepage - This is the offical site for mIRC

That about covers it for now. I know that there is alot of info out there on IRC. Grab yourself a client and have a ball. I don't hang out on any peticular server, just kinda all over the place. Hope to see ya out there!!

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