Brian's Music Page


Welcome to my Music page. Within this section I have put in some of the different midis I have. Feel free to copy them and use them on your own pages.

My favorite group is Metallica. I also enjoy other types of music. I guess you could say that music is one of my main hobbies. I have an extensive collection of midis on disk, but the room I have on my site will not allow me to but them all here. I have put up the ones that I think you will enjoy the most.


Here are the links to the music:

Metallica - A few Metallica midis

Enya - For all those who like the Celtic/Irish sound

Pop/Hard Rock - a mixture of some good midis

If you do use any of these midis, please let me know. That way I can put in a link your page to keep Metallica alive. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

If you are looking for lyrics for any Metallica tune, try the 'Lyrics Database'. They have a very extensive list of lyrics for any group.

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