The Beaver Family Homepage

Yes, we are the Beavers and this is our home page that we have set up to tell the wired world a little about ourselves. We live in Watsontown, Pennsylvannia which is near the city of Williamsport. We have been involved with computers for quite some time now and currently are using a 486 machine with a 14.4 modem (Some of us are quite eager to upgrade). There are five members of the Beaver family and the following will tell you a little about each of us.

Willis F. Beaver
Has been a computer expert for quite some time. He works at the West Company in Montgomery and, surprise, he is a PC data systems analyst. Willis loves wargames, golfing, watching professional sports, and his basset hounds. Willis spends most of his free time playing strategy games on the computer and watching football and hockey (Go Flyers). He is treasurer for the Williamsport Computer Club. Click here to email Willis.

Amy M. Beaver
while not all that knowledgable about computers, is learning. She, like Willis, is very fond of her two dogs. Her hobbies include reading and needlepoint.

Tamara K. Beaver
Is currently a student at Bloomsburg University and is an excellent runner, in fact she is a member of the cross country and track team at BU. She is engaged to Kip Hoffman who is also a runner at BU.

Is really into computers and is a member of the Williamsport Area Computer Club. He is really into telnet and MUDding, in fact you can often find him as "Duck" at the Enchanted Village. Scott programmed this homepage. Email Scott by clicking here.

Is a big history buff. He is also a sports fanatic. His favorite sport is NASCAR racing (Jeff Gordon is his favorite driver).