Child Abuse & Fatality Resource Guide

The investigation of child abuse and child fatalities requires the concerted efforts of many disciplines and agencies from social work to medicine and law enforcement to name but a few. The following information represents an effort by the New York City Multidisciplinary Child Fatality Review (NMCFR) to aid professionals and interested parties in conducting investigations into the deaths and abuse of children. Although this site is still under construction, we hope that the information contained may be of some assistance to those wishing to investigate or understand this tragic phenomenon.

Please check out the Journal Club for the latest findings in child abuse, child safety and child fatalities.

The Medical Page has an extensive list of links which should help with medical research which is frequently necessary to conduct a child abuse or death investigation. Definately check out the sites with free MEDLINE.

For information related to professional child abuse prevention organizations, child abuse statistics, social service, and mental health links check out the Social Service Page

The Law Enforcement Page contains links to legal research sites, crime statistics and law enforcement aids.

To access links to the fascinating world of the forensic sciences visit the Forensics Page.

To find any other information which may aid in the investigation of child abuse and child death visit the General Info page which allows you to seek supplemental information without having to go off-line ( i.e., visit libraries, check encyclopedias, etc.)

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If you have any questions, comments or observations including useful links you can send them to William Browning