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September 16, 2003

Gayle Hoffmeister
8001 Eagleview Drive
Littleton, Co 80125-9107

Dear Gayle,

My name is Mike Cawley. I am the proud brother of SSGT Jim Cawley who was killed in Iraq, March 29, 2003. I was recently told about Team Veteran Leader's efforts in the Four Winds USA Supreme Adventure Race and how your team dedicated the race to my brother. I was personally touched by this and want to thank your team for remembering and honoring my brother in that way. I was also thrilled to hear that your team took second place in the race. I'm sure that you heard a little about my brother from SLC SWAT member Mark Hoffman. My brother was not only a good man, he was a great man. Although he was my younger brother that I protected and looked over during our childhood together, he became someone I looked up to for the way he carried himself in his life and for the protection of my freedoms along with the freedoms of all people in America. The sacrifice he made was huge. His children meant everything to him and by giving his life in service, they became fatherless. I would like to give my sincere and profound thanks to you and your team for remembering Jim in the way you did. I can't tell how much acts of kindness and caring like this have eased my grief and the grief of my family and of Jim's widow and children. The outpouring of support has been tremendous. Your team is a part of that support now and I and the other family members won't forget it. I don't have the addresses or emails of the other members of the team and I really appreciate it if you could share this letter with them for me. It's really nice to know that although my dear brother is gone, he is not forgotten.


"An organization succeeds, not because it is long-established,
but because there are people in it who live it, sleep it, dream it,
and build future plans for it."

"An organization succeeds, not because it is long established, but because there
are people in it who live it; sleep it, dream it, and build future plans for it "


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