Build Your Own Computer

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We often get requests for training on how computers work and how to do upgrades. Well this course is designed for you do-it-yourselfers who want the satisfaction of building your own computer. If you want to learn about PCs from the ground up, then this course is for you. The course objectives are:
  • Assemble the major subcomponents which make up a PC.
  • Have an understanding of the functions of each of the subcomponents.
  • Learn the basic terminology and lingo for the various computer parts.
  • Have a general understanding of the different PC buses i.e., VESA, ISA, PCI.
  • Be able to describe the different IO, parallel and serial communication ports. Whats a UART anyway?
  • Install memory chips on the motherboard.
  • Learn how to access and setup the BIOS.
  • Have an understanding of IRQs and DMAs.
  • Format a hard drive and install the DOS operating system.
  • Test the system and install a game program.

Here is what you get to build:

  • 5X86 Motherboard and AMD 133 CPU
  • 16 MB Ram
  • 1 MB SVGA Video Card
  • Mini-Tower case and 230W PS
  • 630 MB Hard Drive
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • MSDOS 6.22
Requirements: You will work at your own station. Bring your own basic tools (e.g., screwdrivers, pliers, chainsaw) and a couple floppies. Be prepared to have a good time. This course is a lot of fun.
Tuition: $649.00* Call us for group rates and desired upgrades on your computer components.
Instructor: to be announced

*Monitor sold separately but one will be provided during the training session. All our components are first-grade and guaranteed.

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