Windows 95® Course Description

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This course is a beginners course for Windows 95. In this Course, you will learn to perform the skills and tasks to operate this operating system. The course objectives are:
  • Review the new features of Windows 95
  • Learn to move around the desktop
  • Open and close objects
  • Use menus and dialog boxes
  • Examine My Computer and Recycle Bin
  • Open files and programs
  • Create new folders
  • Customize the desktop
  • Copy, move, rename and delete files and folders
  • Learn to install programs and copy files from disks
  • Work with Control Panel objects
  • Add a printer
  • Use the MS-DOS prompt window
  • Create a Paint file and a Wordpad file
  • Perform maintenance activities such as defragmenting disks
  • Scan for viruses
Requirements: You will work at your own station in our classroom. It is recommended that you bring several blank formatted 3.5 floppy disk to download free software and utilities.
Tuition: $35.00 per person. Call us for group rates.
Instructor: to be announced
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