Bucknell University

Bucknell University: Of all the ways to describe Bucknell perhaps the most accurate is to call it a place that encourages young people to come of age in scholarly and personal ways.

But the university and its campus enrich others besides the student. Bucknell has an abunda-nce of opportunities, which are set out publicly for all to enjoy but experienced by each person in an individual way. From the trees that proclaim their narnes to the observatory that looks to the stars, there is much to discover at Bucknell. The experience is yours alone.

The Student Scholars: Bucknell serves a student population of about 3,500 highly selected scholars, many of whom chose the university because of its strong advocacy of the liberal arts and its challenging professional programs. Primarily an undergraduate institution, Bucknell grants B.S. and B.A. degrees as well as a B.S. in engineering and a bachelor's degree in music. A master's degree is awarded in several disciplines. The work of 250 faculty is supplemented by visiting lecturers, researchers, artists, and poets.

Students enjoy a wide range of extracurricular programs in well equipped facilities. Enthusiastic supporters watch Bison football, soccer, cross country, and field hockey in the autumn, Breakin' Bison basketball and wrestling in winter, and a number of spring sports including baseball, lacrosse, and track and field. In all, 26 teams play under the Bison mascot. Athletics begin the alphabet of Bucknell activities. Other extracurricular programs are as varied as students' interests, and the campus sets aside space to accommodate almost everything. There are art and dance studios, a radio station and newspaper office, game rooms, and meeting places. And the students' work extends beyond the campus.

Opportunities abound for Bucknellians to volunteer in Lewisburg area community programs, hospitals, nursing homes, and day care centers, including Sunflower Child Care Center.

The Welcoming Campus: Bucknell is situated on a campus of about 300 acres. Though the size of the student body has remained stable for a number of years, the campus continues to grow. Recent new buildings to the University include a Center for the Performing Arts and a science center. Bucknell's library contains 540,000 volumes, and its endowment is estimated at $150 million.

The campus is occupied year-round. Academic semesters run from September through December and January through May. From June through August, the campus hosts a variety of business and professional conferences. The Small Business Development Center hosts workshops throughout the year.

This is the broad picture of Bucknell. There is certainly more, but completing the list that describes Bucknell is up to each person whose own special interests bring him or her to campus