VA Labor Contract Favors Union Bureaucrats Over Vets For Jobs

#AFGEDEREGISTER It is past time that the Association of Federal Government Employees are DEREGISTERED and Shut Down. This UNION now has PREFERENCE over VETERANS for Government Jobs and Especially in the Veterans Administration? Where is ALL the other VETERANS SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS stepping up for Veterans Preference? Where is the UPROAR that Bureaucrats think They are BETTER than VETERANS? What the AFGE is doing is Treason. Denying and Taking Away Jobs from Veterans while you treat Veterans and the American People with Disrespect and such Arrogance. COME on VETERANS and VETERANS SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS STAND UP for VETERANS and write to the Politicians, Sec of Veterans Affairs and the Media. TELL them that the AFGE can NO LONGER stand over Veterans and American People! Be a Patriot and Support Veterans who have Sacrificed so much for America and are now Spurned by Bureaucrats and yes that is YOUR GOVERNMENT, The AFGE cannot do this all by themselves. The Politicians and Government are COMPLICIT!


The Veteran Leader

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: November 2013 - View

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: 1-2 2012 - View

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