Vietnam Veterans Still Disrespected

#STILLDISRESPECTED! Even though Vietnam Veterans made sure and made a decision that NO Veteran would be disrespected and were sure to be welcomed home after the Shameful Treatment of Veterans of the Vietnam War, The hatred and rejection of Vietnam Veterans continues. So many Vietnam Veterans are still out there in programs of VETERANS HELPING VETERANS such as Homeless Veterans Programs. Who were the Veterans that had to learn the VA Title 38 to ensure Veterans received their Promised Care? Who then taught the younger Veterans how to navigate the broken VA system? Vietnam Veterans paved the way. Yet when Vietnam Veterans seek donations to continue their programs including homeless Veterans Americans continue to reject the Vietnam Veteran. Time for Americans who are against Vietnam Veterans to build a bridge and get over it. EMBRACE AND SUPPORT VIETNAM VETERANS after 50 years of rejection. We are housing Veterans as young as 26 and supporting younger Veterans. These are NOT Vietnam Veterans!


The Veteran Leader

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: November 2013 - View

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: 1-2 2012 - View

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