Veterans Disrespect and NO RESPONSE

#VETERANSDISRESPECT as usual NO RESPONSE from the Secretary for Veterans Affairs or any of the Politicians shown below, even though some of them are VETERANS. None that I know are of Native American Descent? Perhaps that is why the Discrimination against Native American Veterans. The letter shown during the Popes visit is just one of 4 Different letters sent to most of the Politicians over the past 10 months. Several Like, Miller, Isakson, Thune, Noem have had 30+ letters from us and Sec McDonald has more that a 100 pieces of Communications from us attempting to get the United Veterans Beacon House in Promise, SD and the UVBH in Parade, SD for Native American Female Veterans Completed. NOT ONE RESPONSE to Reconcile the situation! We are ALL VOLUNTEERS and we will not pay kickbacks like has been asked before. We will not be blackmailed and we will not take active Drinking and Drugging Veterans that will destroy the lives of those Veterans working on their Second Chance. What happens to these Veterans when they get to Washington DC, are they Brainwashed or do they loose their HONOR and COURAGE? I can understand the older Politicians as they are just waiting to gain more money and retire on the Taxpayers money. But VETERANS that have used their Service to get elected. This day we have sent another letter to all these cur politicians as well as some new ones to see if their conscience is Pricked. You Politicians stick up for Veterans even when they are Native American Veterans. Have some Pride and Guts.

The Veteran Leader

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: November 2013 - View

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: 1-2 2012 - View

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