Veterans Rejection & Bureaucrats

#VETERANSREJECTION This move to Value and give preference of any position in the Veterans Administration to Bureaucrats is a REJECTION of VETERANS. This IS CRIMINAL and TREASONOUS that at anytime a Bureaucrat would be placed before VETERANS. HELL NO. Call, Fax, Email or write a letter to your Representative and Senator and tell them to shut down the Union in the Veterans Affairs and GIVE PREFERENCE to VETERANS. #VATREASON this is treason, Veterans have sacrificed so much and SERVED their Country, These Bureaucrats have only SERVED Themselves. VETERANS CARE ABOUT VETERANS, Bureacrats only care about their Benefits and Pensions while they cannot be Fired no matter what they do. The Veterans should get a REAL PREFERENCE to Veterans Affairs Jobs.

The Veteran Leader

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: November 2013 - View

the veteran leader cover edition1-2 2012Edition: 1-2 2012 - View

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