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Gary Chrisman's Page

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Host of the highly successful Chrisman Morning Show that airs 5:30am to 10am weekdays on 102.7 KISS-FM, Gary and his cast of characters joined KISS as its original morning show host in April of 1987. Before that, Chrisman, a Williamsport native and graduate of the University of Miami School of Communications, spent eleven years in the market with the old WWPA, then known at "Twin W."

Outside of writing, co-producing and starring in the Chrisman Show Live variety shows two to three times a year, Gary is also the owner of Cable Sports Productions, which for ten years has produced televised broadcasts of local high school and college football, basketball and other various features.

The Chrisman Show features Gary, his long-time sidekick Rodney "The Boy" and K.C., Kathie Collins. "The key to the morning show is making people laugh and feel good as they get ready to start the day. My goal is to inform and entertain. If somebody goes to work and says to a co-worker, 'Did you hear what that crazy Chrisman did today?', then I've done my job."

The show includes many characters including Howard Smith, Leonard, Dwayne Dumple and others. Plus, from our live variety show, "The Chrisman Show Live," there's Cousin Harry, The Farmer From Mansfield, The Man From Muncy and Elvis Smeal. Many mornings, the listeners are the stars as they call us with various opinions on our many surveys and polls, contests, "Idiots in the News," and wacky surprise guest phone calls, which make up the fun on the Chrisman Morning Show.

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