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Phone: (717) 327 - 1400

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KISS-FM Schedule
102.7 FM
24 hour studio phone numbers: 322-KISS and 1-800-326-WKSB
5:30am - 10am
The Chrisman Morning Show with KC, Rodney, & the gang ! Featuring Beltway Off Ramp polls, "Dead or Alive", Idiots in the News, and the 10 minute weather guarantee.
10am - 3pm
Lou Kolb
on the wireless with
Phrase-ology and the KISS Klass Reunion at Noon!
3pm - 6pm
JB Takes you home with KISS Kartunes at 5pm
6pm - midnight
George MacKay plays KISS Classics at 9pm
midnight - 5:30am
Paul Adams keeps you company all night long and hosts the Big Movie Match

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Welcome 95.5 WMYL-FM !
Music of Your Life thrives again in Williamsport...

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1400 AM, 1200 AM
5am - 6 am
"America in the Morning" with Jim Bohannon. phone: 800-229-2687
6am - 10am
Now you can listen to "
Imus in Morning" with great guests and laughs. Plus local News, Weather, & Sports with Ken Sawyer and Mark Lawrence
10am - 12 noon
Ken Sawyer Talk Show
phone: 322-9725 or 800-578-9725
12 noon-3pm
Rush Limbaugh
Stirs things up a bit. 800-282-2882
Dr. Laura
gives advice to people who need it! phone: 800-DRLAURA
Dr. Dean Edell
answers your medical questions. phone: 800-548-8255 (call between 4-5 pm Eastern time)
Bruce Williams
shares his advice. phone: 800-743-8000
The Jim Bohannon Show Great guests and your phone calls. phone: 800-998-JIMBO

KISS-FM, WRAK, & MYL are members of the
Williamsport / Lycoming Chamber of Commerce

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