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Lou Kolb does middays (10 am - 3 pm), following the Gary Chrisman morning show on KISS-FM. His show features four decades of Big Hits, Phrase-ology (a word game), the KISS Class Reunion (an hour of Big Hits from the 60's & 70's each weekday at Noon), plus local Class Reunion announcements.

Lou has been with KISS-FM since 1989. He grew up listening to the radio in the Philadelphia area, "I knew I wanted to be on the radio from the age of 5. I am blessed to be able to make a living doing something I enjoy so much." Lou attended Montgomery County Community College and Penn State (Main Campus), where he got his start in radio working at the Penn State student run radio station.

Lou lives in Williamsport with his wife, Kathy. In his spare time, he is active on the Board of Directors of North Central Sight Services, and St. Mark's Lutheran Church council. His hobbies include amateur radio (callsign - WA3MIX), computers, and the Internet. You can email email iconLou from here.


Phrase-ology is a contest that is played every weekday on Lou's show. The contest has 2 parts. The clue is given out at about 11:20 am, 2 hours later, at 1:20 pm you'll have a chance to call in (1-800-326-WKSB or 322-KISS) with the answer. If you are the correct caller with the correct answer, you'll receive a gift certificate to one of Central Pennsylvania's fine specialty shops or restaurants. The prizes for the month of January is lunch for 2 at "Rivals" on River Avenue, Williamsport!

(Note: by scrolling down the page one line at a time, you can read the clue, without seeing the answer displayed!)

Last week's Phrase-ologies were:

(Week of January 19, 1998 )

Clue: The time-line for being sorry.

Answer: apology chronology!

Movie Tuesday
Clue: Robert's Mexican hats.

Answer: Di Nero's sombreros!

Clue: Looking forward to the rain.

Answer: Precipitation anticipation!

Clue: A landing strip for the first day of the week.

Answer: Sunday runway!

Clue: A stretched and stressed wire barrier.

Answer: Tense fence!

Lou welcomes your email comments and suggestions about Phrase-ology ....
Phrase-ology Clues and Answers Copyright 1997 Lou Kolb - Are you interested in licensing Phrase-ology for your radio station? Email Lou for details!

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