Data Transfer Information

Kwik Kopy Printing wants to save you time, money, and errors. If you use a computer to produce your text copy, graphic designs, or complete publications, we can take your files and turn them into reality on paper!

Disk Transfer

Our computer can read the following formats: IBM 5.25" and 3.5" 360K, 720K, and 1.4M sizes. Simply mail or bring in your disk, along with a note describing what files you want us to use in your project, and we'll import your data.

Email Transfer - Great for Rush Jobs!

Similar to the disk transfer, in that we use your existing files for your printing project, only we use the Internet to save you a trip to our store!
If you are using a email program (such as Eudora or Pine), you can use the "attach file" menu selection. For Eudora: choose "new message", to [email protected] - fill out the subject and at least a short message telling us who you are, what you have in mind for the file(s), what application they were created with, and how to contact you; your full name, address, and phone number. Then, go to the MESSAGE menu, and select ATTACH FILE. A dialog box will pop up allowing you to browse your hard drive for files to send us. Your file will be in whatever directory you saved it to. Simply select the filename, and then click OK. When you send the message, the file will also be on it's way to us!
We can import IBM data from simple ASCII text (example: DOS or Notepad), Word Perfect (.wp5 and prior suffix), Microsoft Write, Microsoft Word, and PageMaker (.pm6 or prior file suffix). Also, graphics from Corel, including .gif, .cdr, tiff, and .jpg formats. Contact us for more detailed information regarding file formats, and to see if we have fonts in stock to match yours.
You won't find this service anywhere in Williamsport... except at Kwik Kopy Printing! Please give us a call at 717-322-4726 or email us right from here for more details.

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