So you want to start your own MUD?

Finding a Site to run your MUD - Undoubtedly the biggest challenge facing the would-be MUD runner.

What is a MUDServer? - A server is a machine which accepts connections, receives data, mulls it over, and sends out some output. In the MUD world, the server keeps track of the database, the current players, the rules, and sometimes the time (or the heartbeat).

What is Source Code? - usually very large C programs which maintain a small-to-enormous database of the objects, rooms, players and miscellany of the MUD. You can get raw source code, make any changes, additions or deletions you wish, compile it and WALA! you have your own mud. Since there are so many different kinds of MUDs there is also lots of different source code. Pick your souce code, Pick your MUD :-). Here are excellent sources for source code.

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