Action Plan of Southeast Asian Coordinator
By: Nicholas Rock, Southeast Asian Coordinator
Action Plan: National Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.
         Southeast Asian Committee
         To advocate for VVNW members rights, to immigrate to the US or
         any 3rd country, based on their past associations with US
         programs and military during the Vietnam War, who are now in
         refugee camps in Southeast Asia by correspondence, telephone, fax
         machine and in person.
         Advocate for VVNW membership in the United States who have
         relatives in the camps in Southeast Asia and who seek the
         assistance of this organization by virtue of their membership.
         Advocate for the passage of Section 2104 in HR 1561/1564 and S-
         908, Department of State Re-Authorization bill for 1996 with
         Section 2104 HR 1561/1564 "Smith Amendment" language to be made
         part  of S-909 which is now going into Senate/House Conference.
              Our members have been subjected to lack of due process in
              the United High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) overseen
              Comprehensive Plan of Action (CPA).  The CPA is a
              international agreement signed by numerous countries
              designed as a plan to handle the Vietnamese Boat People in
              camps in Southeast Asia which is the legacy of the Vietnam
              War.  There are numerous individual affidavits, testimony by
              international organizations and activists to several Senate
              and House committees and subcommittees attesting to the
              corruption, bribery, sexual coercion and intimidation of
              women, perpetrated against these asylum-seekers in their
              attempt to make their case for refugee status and for
              immigration to the US or any 3rd country.  More recently
              there are interruptions of mail service, lack of medical
              care, lack of food and food which does not meet the minimum
              caloric requirements of the United Nation's own World Health
              Organization.  Currently there is an estimated 40,000
              Vietnamese Boat People in these camps.  The American Legion
              is a very strong supporter
              HR 1564 provides that: (1) no U.S. money should be used to
              finance repatriation of refugees to communist Vietnam or
              Laos and (2) instead, that money (some $30 million) should
              be used to resettle refugees according to U.S. criteria (not
              according to the decisions of corrupt officials in first
              asylum countries).  This provision does not entail any
              additional resettlement budget or quota, nor does it affect
              any other refugee groups.  The provision only sets
              priorities within the quota of 40,000 (and its corresponding
              budget) already requested by the State Department for
              Indochinese for FY 96.  The provision gives higher priority
              to people who are most at risk in first asylum camps over
              those awaiting direct resettlement from Vietnam, who in
              general are not at risk.
         Advocate How:
         By personal contacts via letter, telephone or in person, with
         various individuals, the U.S. State Department, the United High
         Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), non-governmental
         organizations, Senators and Congresspersons and their committees
         and subcommittees, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
         (INS), U.S. Orderly Departure Program (ODP)-US Embassy-Bangkok
         and the representatives and governments where the camps are
         located in Southeast Asia.
         Besides my self, as necessary, utilize the willing membership in
         the VVNW Posts in Washington State to assist in carrying out
         these efforts and who also possess the skills, special abilities
         and connections to help our organization accomplish our goals.
         Use of computer and/or word processor, word processing, data base
         and membership computer programs, telephone, fax machine,
         dictionaries, file cabinet, copier, pencils, pens, paper.  Use of
         motor vehicle.

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