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"Service Without Reward - Dedication to Brotherhood"


June 19, 2001


TO :         ALL Members

FROM:    Nancy Verespy
                National Executive Director


Two Positions on the
National Board of Directors of the
Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.
open for election

Two positions as National Board Members for the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. are open for election in 2001.

If any member is interested in running for either of these positions, they must be a veteran, submit a letter of intent to run, a copy of a DD-214 and a brief resume which includes any activities within the VVNW and local community in which the applicant has been involved.

This information should be sent to National Headquarters, 805, South Township Boulevard for receipt on or before August 1, 2001.

If there is a need for additional information, please contact National Headquarters at 1-800-VIETNAM