Post PA-51 Board Members

Commander ---------- Gary L. Jenney, SR
Vice-Commander ---------- Martin J. Payne
Treasurer ---------- Barry D. Sones
Master SGT-AT-ARMS ---------- Floyd E. Kerstetter
Secretary ---------- Connie L. Jenney
Chaplain ---------- Carl L. Ward
Regular Member --------- William C. English
Regular Member --------- Donna Hastings


Committee Chairpersons

Fundraiser --------- Connie L. Jenney
Veterans Park ---------- Barry D. Sones
Quartermaster ---------- Gary L. Jenney, SR
Christmas is for Kids --------- Barry D. Sones
Education ---------- Henry M. Baylor, JR
Awards ---------- Connie L. Jenney
Library --------- Connie L.  Jenney
Lycoming County Veterans Council -- Delegates -  Donald Merrill & Barry Sones



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