RealAudio and RealVideo 4.0

SunLink is pleased to announce the availability of RealAudio and RealVideo 4.0 for use with all web sites hosted on SunLink servers.

You must contact the SunLink office in order to have your account configured for RealAudio and RealVideo. There are currently no additional charges to use RealAudio and RealVideo on your web site. Although at this time the audio and video streams will not be metered, at some point in the future it is possible that streams generated from your site will count towards your monthly SunLink web traffic quota.

Please email any questions or comments to [email protected].


RealAudio Sample: sound1

Metafile for sound1: sound1.ram

RealVideo Sample: video1

Metafile for video1: video1.ram

The directory containing your audio and video clips does not necessarily have to be located within your www directory, it may be located outside of the www directory, within your main shell directory.

For example: pnm:// refers to: /usr/u1/scullin/clips/sound1.ra.

Documentation and Encoders

The Real Audio/Video documentation and encoders are also available in the local ftp archive. The documentation is in PDF format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing or printing.

Progressive Networks has a web page entitled How to Design a RealAudio Site which may be helpful.

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