icon mIRC in a nut shell

These instructions will take you step by step, to install mIRC. It might be a good idea to print this page.

First - Lets dowload mIRC 4.1

First you have to download the mirc41.exe from the SunLink FTP Server and save it to your hard disk.

To download the mIRC, click on the mIRC 4.1 NOW! button. This will open "unknown file type" window. Click on "Save as" This will pull up a "Save as..." window. Select a directory on your hard drive and remember where you save it for later use.

  • If you do not have pkunzip or another zunzip program, you should also download and install Winzip! Look for the current Winzip 6.1 version. Once you have downloaded Winzip, simply execute the winzip file and follow the step by step instructions on the screen to install it on your PC.

  • In case you have some unzip program already, move on to the next step.

    Second - Now time to install mIRC 4.1

    Now it is time setup a directory and to make an icon for mIRC 4.1.

  • Open the File Manager. You can find its icon in the Main group in Windows.

  • In the File Manager select FILE and Create Directory. Something like C:\mirc\ will do.

  • Locate the mirc41.zip file which you just downloaded and saved to your harddisk and move it to your c:\mirc\ directory.

  • Next exit the File Manager and run Winzip. Select the mirc41.zip file and select 'Extract' to start the decompressing mIRC.

  • Multiple files will be created. Make sure they end up in the mirc folder.

    Now you have to set up an icon for mIRC.

  • Determine which .exe file you will be using. If you are uncertain use mirc.exe.

  • To add mirc.exe, click on FILE and click NEW in the Program manager.

  • Ensure that you select New Program Item

  • Fill out the form as shown below...

  • Click OK.

  • Windows95 users : Right click on the desktop, go to New and click Shortcut. Click on Browse and doulbe click the mirc folder. Then double click the mirc32.exe or mirc.exe. Then press Next and follow the on screen instructions.

    Third - Now lets configure mIRC

  • First, make sure you are connected to SunLink and then double click on mIRC.

  • In mIRC, click on the Folder (the third button).

  • Enter the following information into your setup

    Real Name: Your real name
    E-Mail: Your email address (ie, [email protected])
    Nick Name: This will be your name on the chat channels (ie, BoZo)
    Alternate: If someone else is already using that nick, you should specify an alternative. (ie, RadDog)

    Select one of the servers above the real name. Any server will do.

  • Next, click on the OK button.

    Fourth - Connecting and stuff

  • Click on the lightning bolt.
  • After a while End of MOTD command will appear.

    You are now connected

  • Type the /join #newbies to join a newbies channel. This channel is here for you to ask questions.