That's right, you can receive commissions for signing up SunLink customers and receive money for doing that along with a FREE account to access everything on the Internet with no restrictions. SunLink is looking for young, old, man, women, or child to recommend our service over anyone else's service. Forget that paper route to make a few bucks, sell the Internet! It's a lot more FUN and it's COOL too. As long as you are within the local service area that SunLink gives its TOLL-FREE, unparalleled, lightning fast, NO BUSY SIGNAL service to, your qualified to sell. SunLink will provide you with a FREE account to access the net after you turn in one dozen applications with your name at the top (so we know which one of you all that we should pay), and after they all have been on line with us for at least 3 months. At that point, you'll get a commission in the value of the account that you signed up, plus FREE access for yourself. For example, if you sign someone up for a NetSurfer account, SunLink will pay you $19.95. If you sign someone up for a WebMaster account, SunLink will pay you $29.95. Get it? Whatever the value of the first months account fee is, is what you get hard cold CASH for.

Remember, the free account is issued only after, you have signed up 12 accounts, and they have all have been on for at least 3 months. But that doesn't mean you won't get the cash though. You will receive the commissions in the form of CASH or credits to your account for every new application that SunLink receives until you have 12 accounts signed up with us. It's your choice. So you wanna make some CASH OR WHAT?

Just print out the agreement, read, sign and mail in to SunLink, P.O. Box 170, Sunbury, PA 17801. When we get the agreement, we'll send you everything you need to sell our service, brochures, applications, instructions for win95 or 3.x, even Mac's, whatever it takes we want you to make MONEY and get us some accounts.

Well what are you waiting for? Get going. OK, one more thing, if you have any questions, please email to: [email protected] and maybe they can help you because I can't answer all your questions ya know.

Now giddy-up!