Yes, I want a SunLink Internet Account

SunLink, P.O. Box 170, Sunbury, PA 17801
Fax: 717-988-3349

Complete this form, then press the "submit" button. Your browser will then return a completed form with a SunLink agreement attached. You can then print out the form and agreement. Read and sign the agreement and then mail or fax the form and agreement to SunLink.

Please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Choose your User ID. Most people use their initials or their first initial combined with their last name. For example, Jane Q. Smith might choose either "jsmith" or "jqs" as her user ID. You may choose any ID you wish as long as it doesn't exceed 8 characters, as this will also be the beginning of your email address "[email protected]". All characters must be lower case letters or numbers.

    User ID:

  2. Choose your Initial Password with ALL RANDOM CHARACTERS. You can change your password by going to: Choose a password that is difficult to guess, like "3fG$pa2200Ra", don't choose passwords like "123456", "Hello", "Love", "Jim2" or "YourNameBackwards." The password should be 10 to 16 characters in legth. Never give your password out to anyone, even if they say they are from the SunLink office. If you suspect someone else knows your password and is using your account, you can change your password by going to: and you should inform SunLink Security at the SunLink office. Also, please fill in your mother's maiden name in case you lose your password and we have to verify your identity over the phone.


    Mother's Maiden Name:

  3. Select your Account Type - "Basic", "NetSurfer", "WebMaster", "Commercial.", or "Virtual Web Host." If you are selecting a Commercial account, you may also choose a domain name. Not all domain names are available.

    Basic $5.00 per month / $2.00 per hour
    Netsurfer $19.95 per month
    WebMaster $29.95 per month
    Commercial $50 per month / $50 setup fee
    Domain name (optional)

    Commercial with VWH $74.95 per month / $50 setup fee
    Domain Name

  4. Fill in your Name, Street Address, and Telephone Number.

    Real Name



    State and Zip

    Phone Number

  5. Select your Method of Payment - MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or personal check. If you will be paying by credit card, fill in your Credit Card Number and Expiration Date. Your credit card will be charged on the first of each month for the base rates of either $5, $19.95, $29.95, $50.00, $74.95. You will be billed for any additional hours (if you have a "basic" account) at the end of the month. If you will be paying by check, you must include your first month's payment along with the completed and signed application.

    Visa Number + Exp. Date

    Mastercard Number + Exp. Date

    Discover Number + Exp. Date