Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Joe Smith and I have 2 lovely children named Suzy, who is 12, and Bobby who is 18. My wife, Betty is a secretary for Bill Gatestein at Megasoft Corporation. She does a great job of promoting the company's newest product, "Doors 97", a revolutionary new GUI for home PC's that won't slow your system down, nor will it be supported by only half of the software vendors. Megasoft is also announcing the release of "Megasoft Fred" , that allows your computer to be plugged into any major appliance and have it make breakfast, lunch and dinner for you on command, right out of your cookbook database.

I work for FEHC, Freezer Engineering Hackling Corporation. We are the worlds foremost authority in reverse polyonic barium lazer development with an argon matricies. These lazers, mainly used for frontal labotomies of milk producing mammals, is definately cutting edge. With our new design, we not only iliminate the problems of immenent death of the subjects, we also have tuned it to allow complete psycological programming! The price has also been reduced to make it more affordable for the general public. For only $199,873,564.99 you too can own this peice of technology! I am the supervisor for the technology department and I mainly deal with:

My hobbies include basketweaving, collecting stamps and programming in PL1.

More about me to come...

*** Note: This page is only a demo page. All information here is fictitious, any similarities to anyone living or dead are purely coincidental.
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