SunLink Billing Policies

*** Effective Immediately ***

SunLink is in business to provide the fastest, most reliable connection to the Internet and to have people not pay on their account keeps us from accomplishing our goal. When someone becomes a customer, SunLink facilities are purchased and people are paid to support that customer. We make a commitment to the customer in providing the best service possible. We feel that the customer should make a commitment to pay for that service in a timely fashion. This will help keep all aspects of SunLink functioning properly to maintain a level of service that we believe is unparalleled in the Internet business, a benefit for both the customer and SunLink. When a customer stops paying on their account, the facilities and people are forced to continue operating without the proper funds. Therefore, the following policies have been put in place to make sure that you will always have the fastest most reliable connection to the Internet. We appreciate all who do pay in a timely fashion, you help create and maintain one of the best services in Northeast Pennsylvania, thank you.

1. All Check paying accounts are invoiced via electronic mail on or near the first day of every month for the service that is received the following month. This gives you 30 days to pay on your account. Payments not made within 30 days of invoice are considered to be delinquent and are subject to a temporary suspension until payment is made.

2. Accounts that are temporarily suspended for non-payment will be charged a re-connect fee of $10. We must have either the check, cash, or credit card number in our possession before the account is re-connected.

3. Accounts that have been temporarily suspended and remain inactive for a period over 3 months will be canceled and removed from our servers. If you decide to rejoin SunLink at any time, you will be charged a $25 re-instating fee plus any past due balances that are owed with a 1.5% finance charge on the overdue balance.

4. Anyone who cancels their account on their own and wishes to rejoin within a 3 month time period, will be charged a $25 reinstate fee.

5. Returned checks are charged a $25 service fee and the account is suspended until payment is made via cash, certified check, or money order. The $10 re-connect fee also applies to turn your service back on. If a credit card is given, the account will not be turned on until the card is approved on either the 1st or 15th day of the month.

6. Any accounts wishing to have their mail box quota increased will be charged a $5 service fee plus $0.50 per MB over their allotted disk quota. The change to increase your quota will be made when time permits during regular business hours.

7. Any accounts wishing to change their user id will be charge a $10 service fee. The change of the user id will be done when time permits during regular business hours.

8. Any account wishing to have a password change will be charged a $5 service fee. The change of the password will be done when time permits during regular business hours.

9. For discounts on accounts see

10. Credit cards that are declined will also be temporarily suspended. See #2. We will charge credit cards on or near the 1st and 15th day of each month. If your card is declined for what ever reason we will not be able to re-activate the account until the card is approved. If the customer isn't at fault because the issuing bank made a change to their account it would be appropriate for us to waive the re-instate fee of $10.

11. Any customers wishing to have a printed invoice mailed or faxed will be charged a fee of $15, unless this is the initial one time invoice for a pre-paying business or educational account that requires a purchase order.

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Last Modified: 01/07/98