Business of the Week

If you have a Commercial account (Webmaster or greater) with SunLink you are eligible to be SunLink's Business of the Week FREE. By being business of the week you will be put in the spotlight on the SunLink home page which currently receives more than 3,000 hits per day. That's about 25,000 hits per week with a direct link and eye catching logo that you design placed on the SunLink home page. Be sure to check out the link, SunLink banners to give your business more room for hits because of the increased traffic that your site will receive.

Your logo will appear on SunLink's main page and on the SunLink banners. It also appears on the SunLink Chat Rooms Business of the Week banner.

The Webmaster selects the logos from the Business Center - Commercial Web Pages. To be a Business of the Week you have to be listed in the business center first.

If you're not listed in the Business Center - Commercial Web Pages yet:

If you are already listed in the Business Center and have not yet been the Business of the Week:

If you have been a SunLink Business of the Week, we will try and feature your business again as soon as every business has had the opportunity. Still, if you feel that we have missed your business, let the webmaster know. :-)

Thank you for your support.

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