Business Accounts

Rates and Hours

There are no setup charges on any business accounts. SunLink provides free technical support (including assistance with web page setup) via telephone and email.

Account      Rate               Description
----------   -------------      -------------------------------------------
WebMaster    $29.95 per month   Web site plus 400 hours of access per
                                month. Monthly limit of 10K hits or 100MB
                                of transfers from your web site. Web page
                                business use including resale is allowed.
WebMaster    $39.95 per month   Web Site plus 400 hours of 56 or 64K ISDN
   64                           PPP access per month. Web page resale is
WebMaster    $69.95 per month   Web Site plus 400 hours of 112 or 128K
  128                           ISDN PPP access per month. Web page resale
                                is allowed. MPP is supported.
----------   -------------      -------------------------------------------

Accounts may be configured for either PPP, SLIP, or shell-only access. All PPP and SLIP accounts include shell access via telnet.

Currently, ISDN is available in Bloomsburg, Stroudsburg, Sunbury and Williamsport with addtional sites coming soon.

SunLink allows all WebMaster Account users to maintain their own web site with an unlimited number of web pages, subject to their normal disk space quota, and a limit of 10,000 hits and 100 megabytes of transfers per month. There is no additional charge for this service. SunLink's WebMaster web sites are listed in the Business Center - Commercial Web Pages. WebMaster Account web sites with over 10,000 hits or over 100 megabytes of transfers per month are billed at $1 per additional 1000 hits or $1 per each additional 10 megabytes, whichever is greater. Business use including resale of WebMaster Account web pages is permitted.

Various web site features are available.

Virtual Web Host Service is available as an add-on for any Business Account. A Virtual Web Host provides your Web Site with a short, concise URL containing your custom domain name. For example, if your custom domain name is, the URL used to access your Site would be In addition to providing a shorter, easier to remember URL, the Virtual Web Host Service creates the illusion that your Web Site is running on a private dedicated server in your office, which puts forth a more professional appearance. Preparation and submission of your custom domain name application to the InterNIC is included with this service. Each Virtual Web Host adds 10,000 hits or 100 megabytes of transfers to the underlying account's monthly traffic quota. InterNIC domain name registration fees are not included.

Two different types of Virtual Web Host Services are available.

Name-Based Virtual Web Host Service is available with any Business account for an additional fee of $10 per month. Name-Based Virtual Hosts share a common IP address that is "owned" by another web server, either an IP-Based Virtual Host or Name-Based Virtual Hosts are compatible with 95% of the browsers being used today, and when accessed with a newer browser are indistinguishable from an IP-Based Virtual Host. Older style browsers which are not HTTP/1.1-compliant (Netscape 1.1, MSIE 2.0, or AOL for example) will view the top page of the "owner" of the shared IP address when accessing a Name-Based Virtual host. Accounts using at least one IP-Based Virtual Host can configure the top page of the IP-Based Host to link to the Name-Based Hosts, which provides access for all possible browser types. This is the same type of web-hosting that many other ISPs offer for $20 to $75 per month!

IP-Based Virtual Web Host Service is available with any Business account for an additional fee of $24.95 per month. A unique IP address is assigned to each IP-Based Virtual Host. Using a unique IP address eliminates compatibility problems when older browsers that are not HTTP/1.1-compliant access your web site.

An account that hosts multiple web sites with multiple domain names will typically use at least one IP-Based Virtual Web Host along with several Name-Based Virtual Web Hosts. Each of the Name-Based Virtual Web Hosts are configured share the IP address of the account's IP-Based Host. This allows for a more professional appearance when accessing the Name-Based Hosts with older browsers, which will view the IP-Based Host's top page instead of defaulting to

Please refer to the server manual or contact the SunLink at (717) 286-5764 for further information on Virtual Hosts.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Service may be configured into any Virtual Host. This is useful for resellers who wish to allow their clients to have access to web documents which only belong to a specific Virtual Host. A separate password and mailbox is provided for the Virtual Host. The cost of this service is an additional $10 per month.

Disk space of 4 megabytes for web site and 16 megabytes for email is provided with the WebMaster account. Additional disk space is available for $6 per megabyte annually ($0.50 per megabyte per month).

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All invoicing is done via email. PLEASE READ YOUR EMAIL REGULARLY!

SunLink accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Accounts paid by personal check must be paid in advance to:

SunLink, 650 Champ Ave., P.O. Box 170, Sunbury, PA 17801

All IP addresses, whether static or dynamic, remain the property of SunLink, and are not transferrable outside of the '' domain.

Call the SunLink office (717-286-5764) or Toll Free: 1-888-SUN-LNK-1 or send email to [email protected] for more information.

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