Static IP Address

A single static IP address is available for any account for $14.95 per month. IP addresses are already included with virtual hosts and dedicated accounts. Special pricing for contiguous address blocks is available. For more information and setup, call the SunLink office at (717) 286-5764 or email the SunLink Office.

Static IP vs. Dynamic IP

What is an IP address?

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is the way in which your computer is identified to the world when you logon to the Internet.

What is a Static IP address?

A Static IP address is an unique address that has been assigned to a given client for an extended period of time, to be used by only that client.

What is a Dynamic IP address?

A Dynamic IP address is an address that is temporarily assigned at the start of a login session from a pool of addresses. When the session is concluded the IP address is returned to the pool.

Why would I choose one over the other?

There has been an agreement among ISPs to conserve IP addresses since there is a cap on the number available. The majority of our dialup customers can and should use the Dynamic IP.

Static IP's are used for more advanced level Internet activity, such as:

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