Welcome to Susquehanna Life, Central Pennsylvania's Lifestyle Magazine. Join us for an introduction to the magazine that celebrates a way of life you may have thought had disappeared. Susquehanna Life magazine is a high-quality, four-color glossy lifestyle publication about life in Central Pennsylvania. But you don't have to live in Pennsylvania to appreciate the people, places and things we highlight in each issue. The publication showcases the many unique aspects of life here -- from an agriculturally-based economy and an unhurried way of life to friendly people, a clean environment, and pristine natural beauty. Feature articles in the magazine are written in a lively, entertaining style and punctuated with award-winning photography. Considered the cradles of American history, Pennsylvania towns boast a strong sense of community pride and an outstanding heritage -- characteristics that were once celebrated hallmarks of life in every American town. Their histories come alive in each issue of the magazine as we introduce you to the people, past and present, who have helped mold America. Each issue also includes articles on regional businesses, entrepreneurs, health topics, recreation, culture, dining, travel, communities, nature, history, and sports. Many of the stories we tell have national, even international, impact. Come, take a step back in time and celebrate the Norman Rockwellian way of life that prevails in Central Pennsylvania. Sample an article, then order subscriptions for friends, business associates and your family -- people you know will appreciate taking a moment to view a unique slice of life. At only $12 a year, subscriptions to this quarterly magazine are a true bargain. If you're interested in advertising your business or service in the magazine, use the option to request our media kit. If you're planning a visit to Central Pennsylvania, use our free tourist information and calendar of events to guide you. And thanks, for making Susquehanna Life a part of your life. Sincerely, Erica L. Shames Editor/Publisher

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