Dagger Challenge Equipment





Mandatory Individual Equipment  (provided by Brigade)

(Each member must carry the following full time)

q      Space blanket

q      Water proof matches

q      Whistle (accessible in all events)


Mandatory Team Equipment (provided by Brigade)

q      Survival mirror (1 per team)

q      Emergency strobe light. .

q      Small dry bag (or more than one is even better) for the safekeeping of your radio.

q      Chem Lites (8 per team)

q      GPS Unit (emergency use only)

q      Radio (emergency use only)      

Required Equipment

These are the minimum requirements. There are long periods in this race where teams' only sources of water will be streams, lakes, and ponds. Teams should plan accordingly and bring methods of purification that they are comfortable with using.  During the race, team members will wear a vest/shirt developed and provided by their battalion at all times.  Failure to wear the teams vest will result in a time penalty of one hour per racer in violation. An event staff member may check any of the above mandatory Full Time Equipment, which must be carried by the team at all times. If it is found that the team is missing any items the team will be penalized 1 Hour per item. No radios or GPS units are authorized for use during the event.  The issued radio and GPS are for safety only. The equipment will be sealed.  Upon completion of the race, a broken seal on either piece of equipment could result in disqualification, based upon the discretion of the race direction with respect to the circumstances involved.


Mandatory Individual Equipment  (provided by racer)

(Each member must carry the following full time)

q      Team uniform:
Combat Boots (Hi Tec or equivalent authorized)

o       BDU Pants

o       Top of choice

o       Team shirt/bib

o       Backpack (can be any type, ALICE pack not a requirement)

q      Headlamp

q      Knife with a locking blade, minimum blade of 2.5", folding OK (accessible during paddle events)

q      Penlight or spare flashlight

q      Thermal undergarment (i.e. Outlast, Thermastat, Capeliene) top

q      Weather-proof top

q      Fleece top

q      Fleece hat or balaclava

q      Means for carrying adequate supplies of Fluids at least 50oz

q      Means of water purification (filter or tablets)  

q      Duffel Bag, clearly marked with soldier and team name containing:
Modular Sleep System
      o      Hygiene Kit
      o      Towel
      o      Post Race Change of Clothing

o      NO Food or additional equipment

Team First Aid Kit MINIMUM (provided by team)

q      Duct Tape 5 Yards

q      Needle

q      Moleskin 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 or equivalent

q      Bandanna/Sling

q      ACE Bandage

q      Bandaids:  lg and small

q      1 Adhesive tape 2 feet

q      2X 5 Yard roll gauze roll

q      Electrolyte Replacement Tablets

q      3X4 gauze pads

Mandatory Team Equipment (provided by team)

q      Compass (2 per team)

q      Water proof map case







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