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1st Place at the Tablerock Challenge

25-26 Sep 04:  The Berryman Adventure

Beaver Creek Balance Bar
24 Hour Adventure Race

24 Hour Run for the Troops shows
Global Support for the War on Terror

1st Place at the 2004 Bataan Memorial Death March

The Veterans of the Vietnam War Inc. and the Veterans Coalition is a growing organization with posts throughout the United States and in foreign countries. In areas without a local post, the National Members-at-Large represent the VVnW in the veteran community.



Team Veteran Leader is an Adventure Racing team comprised of a rotational base of Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Service Members, Veterans, and family members of the above who share the common experience of service to our nation and membership to the Veterans Coalition.  This is not simply a team sponsored by the Veteranís Coalition; we are an intimate part of the organization.  We are also a group of dedicated athletes who share in a common mission:

1. To honor the sacrifice of our fallen warriors and the service of the veterans of our Armed Forces, past and present, for dedicating a part of their lives to the defense of our nation and its allies

2.  To demonstrate by performance and example that no obstacle is so great that the human spirit cannot overcome it

3.  To promote awareness of the goals and mission of the Veterans of the Vietnam War and the Veterans Coalition, Inc to the veterans of our Armed Forces as well as civilians and serving members of Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Forces.

But how does adventure racing relate to a veterans organization?  Adventure racing is a unique, multi sport team competition commonly comprised of orienteering, mountain biking, paddling, cross country trekking and rappelling.  Races may be as short as a few hours and a dozen miles or last over a week and cover several hundred miles.  It is a grueling endurance competition where teams must navigate the course non stop and successfully complete the course without losing a team member to the ordeal.  Races are designed to be an extreme challenge both physically and mentally and subject team dynamics to the ultimate test.  Should a team lose a team member or fail to find a required checkpoint, they fail to complete the course.  Success in adventure racing requires many of the same skills and values that make our military a success on the battlefield.  Loyalty, personal courage, and selfless service enable team success.  In competition, Team Veteran Leader strives to always exemplify the spirit and the strength of our Nationís military.  Our team motto which encircles our team logo is an excerpt of the Soldierís Creed, further reinforcing our responsibility to uphold the traditions of those who have served before us. 

When we compete, we bear not only the burden of competition, but a mission of awareness and education.  As a team, we dedicate every race to a fallen soldier to honor their sacrifice for our nation.  It has grown increasingly meaningful to us as soldiers in light of the events of the Global War on Terrorism and our personal experiences during the war.  We have all lost friends and we understand the importance of remembering them and acknowledging the selflessness of their service to our nation and to the world.  This is our small way of ensuring our fellow soldiers are never forgotten.

We need your support.  If you wish to make a tax deductible donation to help support the many projects of the Veterans Coalition, such as Military Support Packages, Beacon House homeless veteran rehabilitation shelters, and assisting veterans with the reintegration and the processing of claims through the Dept of Veterans Affairs, call 1-800-843-8626, email [email protected], or donate directly to a team member via Cash donations or checks made out to the Veterans Fund of the United States. Receipts are available upon request.

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