Dagger Challenge Course Overview

Course Overview

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Course Overview

Section 1: Florissant to Blue Mountain

 Phase 1:  Bike and Run  

   Teams of four are provided two mountain bikes and required to complete a 6 mile run using the most efficient method possible for their team capabilities.

  Phase 2:  Orienteering

   Teams conduct a a foot orienteering section in the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument using a 1:15000 scale US Orienteering Federation maps.  Teams locate 8 controls.

  Phase 3:  Trek and Climbing Wall

   Teams trek cross country from Florissant through Sanborn Western Camps on the way to Blue Mountain.  Enroute, teams encounter a climbing wall which they must summit while tied together in groups of two.

Section 2:  Blue Mountain to Eleven Mile Canyon

  Phase 1:  Foot and Mountain Bike Orienteering

  Teams are reunited with their mountain bikes and given 9 additional control points to plot.  Teams must then determine the most effective bike or foot route to locate all of the points in the most expeditious manner possible.

  Phase 2:  Trek to Eleven Mile Canyon

  Teams move cross country from Blue Mountain through Wagon Tongue Gulch and in to Eleven Mile Canyon

Section 3:  Eleven Mile Canyon to Eleven Mile Reservoir

  Phase 1:  Rope Section

  Teams conduct two separate 50 meter mechanical ascent sections, traverse the top of Pine Cone Dome then conduct a 300 ft rappel.

  Phase 2:  Trek to Eleven Mile Reservoir

  Teams move cross country to Eleven Mile Reservoir

Section 4:  Eleven Mile Reservoir

   Teams conduct open water navigation in flat water canoes, locating 10 control points located along the shore line of Eleven Mile Reservoir.

Section 5:  Eleven Mile Reservoir to Lake George

   Teams are given 4 duffel bags of team gear and a pack horse.  Teams are required to mount the duffels on the horse and then navigate 11 miles cross country, leading the horse to the end point at Mule Creek Outfitters.

Section 6:  Mystery Event:  Firing Range

   Teams rotate through four different weapon systems (M16, AK47, M9 pistol, Six Gun) and engage timed targets.  The total score of the team will translate to a time reduction of the teams overall course time.



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