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The 2nd Brigade Dagger Challenge is a multi sport endurance race that will pit two teams of 4 from each battalion in the 2nd Brigade, 91st Division against each other as they traverse approximately 91 kilometers of grueling terrain throughout the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  The event is designed to require an average of 24 hours of non-stop racing.  Competitors will be required to navigate the route while performing a variety of disciplines by day and night to include: 

Mystery Events 

Approximate Timeline

26 March 03:
Pre Race Training Clinic:
    Night Operations
    Navigation Techniques
    Team Dynamics

18 April 03:

Racer Coordination Meeting

30 May 03

1300 hrs Race briefing
1330 hrs Registration/Equipment inventory and inspection/Skill Testing

31 May 03

0600 hrs Transport to Start
0800 hrs -  Start of the race

01 June 03

0800 hrs  - Official Finish
1300 hrs
 - Awards Presentation  

NOTE: Times, rules and equipment listings are subject to change during the race development process.  Brigade is assessing options to provide several equipment items as opposed to requiring racers to purchase them.  As the race approaches, racers will be notified of changes to the event via email. Any questions should be addressed to the race director, CPT Hoffmeister, at [email protected].  




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