Dagger Challenge Teams

Team Crazy;
3/361 CS/CSS
LTC Lobdell That which does not kill us makes us stronger
MSG Humprey Donít let anyone $#@& in your Corn Flakes
CSM Williams Suck it up!
SFC Tillman My O-ring is still watertight! Damit!

Team Photo (from left to right):
SFC George Tillman. Code Name: COMPASS. Team navigator.
CSM Scott Williams. Code Name: CURLY. Team motivation
MSG Humphrey. Code Name: FOLLOW ME. Team leader
LTC Lobdell. CODE NAME: BC. Team Pace Man
SGT Michaelis. CODE NAME: ALTITUDE. Team alternate

Recent Events: 
Passed through CP3 at 1:09
Having some trouble in the 1st half of the race -- 14th Place
   at CP 13

Team Motto: "Just another 300 meters to the top!"

Team Goal: 21 hours. (set your sights high!)