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Performance Nutrition and Consultation by:

Bio-Form International

BIO-FORM presents its innovative line of BIO-FORMULATIONS. These ratio-balanced performance enhancement supplements activate your body's three fundamental energy systems:

Adenosine Tri-Phosphate & Creatine Phosphate System

Lactic Acid System

Aerobic System

By providing the essential nutrients for these systems, BIO-FORMULATIONS initiate energy and power production through multiple metabolic pathways.

Team VVnW would like to recognize the excellent support and professional assistance received from the following retailers.  These companies are not team this recommendation is totally unsolicited.  Support these companies when you plan to outfit your own adventure racing team!


bike boxes             

And don't forget to support your local bike shops!  Team VVnW knows the ultimate best kept secret in the Lake of the Ozarks area of Missouri...Oz Cycles!  If you need anything with respect to bikes, pay Tim at Oz Cycles a visit.  He has been an exceptional supporter of the Veteran's of the Vietnam War Adventure Racing Team!


Team VVnW is currently seeking additional sponsorship support for the 2003 season.  If interested please email Marc Hoffmeister or call at 720-333-2736 for additional information and a team promotional package.


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